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I Love Martha Beck - here's why

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I am not a great one to actually copy the words of another here - unless they are brief quotes - but I am going to make an exception today. I subscribed to Martha Beck's daily quotations and each morning one of them comes into my email box. They are nearly always worth remembering - and they usually have that familiar Martha Beck Wide Swings tartness to them. I am not a tart sort of person but I can appreciate it when I read it.

She is also the person who introduced me to the concept of right brain/left brain dichotomies - and taught me how to get them to talk to each other. Neither of those "brains" is the whole me. I am both and I know my life only works when they are cooperating, accepting of the conflict built into both natures, committed to making it work.

You can find out how to get your right brain talking to your left and your left brain listening to your right in her book The Four-Day Win. She makes it into a fun sort of game - a little exercise that moves you from one place to another.

Today, in her daily quotes she offered another interesting little game or puzzle or exercise. It struck me as all three - and I wanted to share. Because I believe that one of the issues we have when it comes to losing weight AND keeping it off is that we don't believe we deserve, don't believe we can, don't believe it's possible. We are from fat families. We have too much to do to spend all this time on ourselves. We are losers.

In short - we quit wanting so we won't be even MORE disappointed. Here's Martha Beck's recipe for DESERVE - not dessert! I'm going to do this. Maybe someone else out there might want to give it a try too.


Yearning + Trust = Happiness

Right now, make a list of everything you yearn for. Make sure that you realize that your yearning is for the emotional sensation that the experience would bring you rather than the form itself. Make another list of things you feel you deserve, but don’t believe you’ll ever get — things like good luck, a soul mate, a really great haircut. Again, focus on the essence of the experience, not the physical form.

Now try a small thought experiment. Go through this list item by item and allow yourself to trust that the thing you love not only will come, but has already connected with you through the barrier of time. Notice any fear that arises to tell you that the thing for which you yearn will never come to you. Notice the choking, tensing or other form of contraction in your body when you focus on your disbelief. This is the body’s response to a lie. Give yourself a short space of time, say one minute, to take your attention off your disbelief and focus instead on the love of this thing that has not yet happened. Feel the warmth and openness of your life when you believe that your connection with this thing is real, solid, and inevitable.

~The Formula for Happiness: Insight From Martha


Remember - Keep Wanting!
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