Boundary problems part 1 pg49-56

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fences [boundaries] come in different sizes and kinds with different kinds of gates or sometimes just open places...some boundaries have problems:
Compliants say yes to the bad, they just want to get along, they have no ability to guard their heart
Avoidants say no to good,,, they can't ask for help. Jesus stands at the door to their heart and they cannot let Him in
Reversed boundaries is when a person sis BOTH compliant and avoidant...they can't let in good or keep out bad.
Controllers have no respect for the boundaries of others in modern phrase "What part of NO do you not understand?"
---aggressive controllers are just not aware of others' boundaries and MUST be confronted...Jesus told Peter "Get behind me Satan"
---manipulative controllers change circumstances to get their own way...this too must be confronted so that they can take responsibility of their own knapsack, repent of behavior and accept others' limits
Controllers are undisciplined people...they must be confronted to take RESPONSIBILITY and experience the consequences of their actions..
[to be continued and summarized]
This week I have been introduced to the works of two new-to-me artists. Those of you who know me much know my love for Yorkie dogs ...enjoy the first two by Linda Picken and the last by John Elsey
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