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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Well I said I was working on a two year blog. I still haven't the time to write it. But today Korina found some of my old poetry that I wrote funny enough about two years ago. So I figured I would just share links to pictures of my trips over the last two years and this poem I wrote near the start of my journey. I really hope you guys like it and as soon as I am able to make some time I will try to put some original thoughts together to share.

Europe (Paris, London, Prague) 8/2011

Las Vegas 11/11

Europe (Rome, Barcelona)

Hawaii 10/12 - Present

Thailand 4/13

Here is the Poem hope you guys like it...


he was young once
middle aged at present
he has the heart of a king
and the humility of a peasant

he is seldom on time
he is often late
when he arrives
he thrives
and cherishes the memories
he creates

he is inspired by others
and all they overcome
he holds the Lord close
and is a follower of his Son

He was a child
who had a lot to learn
the one thing he got
what you get you earn

he grew among
pimps and hoes
alleys and EL's
Folks and People
and the dope they sale

he walks in the rain
he doesn't mind getting wet
he seldom folds a hand
he doesn't seem to fret

he is a father of two
which power his soul
the joy they bring him
seems to never get old

he has changed much
he remains the same
he doesn’t value wealth
or seek any fame

he doesn't want
a Bentley or Benz
he want precious moments
with family and friends

he has seen more
than he ever expected
It has taught him to
never say “I regretted”

he has made many mistakes
has fell flat on his ass
He brushes himself off
he never takes a pass

he is wrong a lot
and continues to grow
the more he learns
he realizes
the less he knows

he has bad days
where he is bummed and stressed
those days make him realize
he is truly blessed

he has lost a lot
father, brother, aunt, uncles, cousins and friends
just reminds him how much
he needs to do before the end

he believes in love
he despises war
he believes in peace
he expects little
but hopes for more

he lives life
he only has one
no what if's
when his time is done

He has been broken
hes has been lost
he will keep fighting
at all cost

he loves song and dance
he loves the beauty of nature
he loves culture
of every flavor
he is a believer
of Jesus Christ
but that doesn't mean
Mohammed, Zaratoush, Buddha and others
can't be right

he loves the world
and travels to go see
the lives of people
in foreign countries

he is finally becoming
who he wanted to be
he is ME
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