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and a bag of chips

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So, I was out running errands this morning
and taking care of some not-so-fun business
and ended up in town longer than intended.
I decided I'd go ahead and eat lunch in town.
So I began to consider what i was going to
have as my unscheduled 'cheat' meal.
(An away from home meal always feels
like cheating to me!)

I totally went in blind, not being able to check for
nutritional info beforehand, and maybe I wanted to
see if I could rely on my powers of discernment
alone to make a healthy choice.

I chose a Subway Club on wheat.
(No, not a veggie delight!)

I also wanted a diet soda and when asked
if I wanted to make it a meal, I said yes.

Oops. That's where I hadn't thought ahead . . . .

Yes, I wanted a diet soda (which in itself is a splurge)
but the next question was
'Would you like cookies or chips?'

I considered those cookies right there,
within reach . . . right in front of my eyes.
They looked so sweet and greasy.

So I answered 'chips'.

Oh dear, I turned around and found myself
looking at a rack of a dozen different
types of chips . . .
now what do I do?
I selected the baked BBQ chips.

I took my time and savored every morsel!
And yes, the chips were yummy.
It's been months and months since I'd had chips.
Oh, and the sandwich was great too!

Now that I'm home and tracking my meal,
I find 3 different calorie counts for the chips
(Subway's site differs from the Lay's site
and both differ from SparkPeople's).

But even taking the highest of the counts,
I still did better with the chips than if I'd
gone with ONE chocolate chip cookie.
(I think the meal deal would have been 2 cookies!)

The weird thing is, now I'm craving sweets.
Could it be a combined reaction from the
salt, carbs & fat???

So, yes, a bag of chips.

And a pat on my own back for making,
maybe not the BEST choice,
but a not-so-bad choice after all.
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