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When I Started to Get Serious About SP Attendance

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I have been thinking about when I began SparkPeople. It was a slow-going thing with me. I had never before in my life actually exercised regularly - more of a hit-and-miss philosophy. Oh, I did start a few times, but it never progressed to doing much. I had a bike two times. One of the times, my brand-new bike was mangled because someone "borrowed" it without asking and left it parked behind a truck that ran over it. The other time, many years later, my brand-new bike was stolen right out of our walled yard!!! It was not replaced. I haven't felt the need to insist on getting another anyway. Sadly, I just don't feel safe in the town traffic.

So, when I joined SparkPeople, I feared not being consistent and just did not know where to begin. I started by joining a couple of teams and reading lots of articles. After a couple of months, I began to want to exercise. But, again, I feared not being consistent. What to do?

I looked over all of the suggested exercises. www.sparkpeople.com/reso

I found some that I could do before getting out of bed. I began there. At that time, I needed ten in order to get all of the SparkPoints for exercising. I did them almost every morning before getting out of bed! It worked perfectly. After several months of doing that, I got stronger AND I wanted to try something else. So, I picked a few stand-up exercises.

Over the years, I have changed up, switched around, printed the exercises to have in front of me, rearranged them, changed how many, did sets 2, 3, 4, 5, and progressed to doing Core, Upper Body, and Lower Body exercises on progressive days, and then repeating them. Getting back to it last month, I arranged them all into groups of about 20 or so exercises, according to Core, Upper Body, and Lower Body. I am exercising now 7 days a week, getting in about one hour of strength training, and on 3 or more days, getting 30 minutes or more cardio a day. I have done less on some of the Sunday mornings, but it still adds up to 30 minutes or more.

I haven't always found that I have lost weight, in fact, more often it is firming that takes place. Since my restart, a month ago, I am weighing and measuring on Saturday or Sunday morning. I have lost 3.5 inches total, mostly in my waist and no weight loss. I am glad for the inching down and I am continuing to hope to see the scale go down too. I intend to keep this up. My aching body is telling me that I am pushing myself so I am fairly certain I am on track.

Each week now, I am changing what I do with the strength training. The exercises have not changed, however, I switch around how many I am doing. Last week I did 2 sets of 20, this week, 1 and 2 sets of 40. I also have been changing the weights often so that my body does not get used to a certain weight. I have 4, 7, 9, 11, and 13 lb. dumbbells. I am considering doing a week or two of sets changing the weight size with each set. I also have a kettlebell and will eventually get that going again. I was disappointed that I have not been able to find more of them here; maybe one day, I'll see them for sale again. I talked to hubby about making me a hula-hoop so I might get to do that.

For my recent cardio, I have been walking outside or indoors with a DVD and bouncing on a rebounder. I have other DVDs, a pickup tire to flip, a punching bag and an elliptical trainer. I will get back to those eventually.

In the meantime, I am studying and doing some church work. We have a ladies area meeting coming up shortly and I am in charge of decorating the platform, which includes making two large tablecloths. I will be helping in the kitchen and have volunteered to wash dishes. I thought that would keep me moving about rather than anything else that might not be as active. I also will help set up and take down tables and perhaps do some food prep. It has been very warm (90s), so I am praying for a cool day.

My SparkStreaks:
~119 days exercise emoticon
~ 85 days logging in to spin the SparkWheel emoticon
~130 days of at least 8 glasses of water emoticon

I was reminded of a song that has been an encouragement to me in recent years. Stronger Than Before by Olivia Newton John
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