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Guest blogger: 4RunnerB

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hi, you don't know me, but I'm taking over Itshowyoulive's page for today. I'm a friend of hers who goes running with her on a regular basis and wanted to quickly tell you about my experience with an injury and how I came back from it. I don't have my own spark profile as of yet, but if I did I'd call myself 4RunnerB, so we'll just go with that for now.

I consider myself to be Heather's trainer, in a way. I'm not a pro by any standard, but I take her runs very seriously and do my best to push her to do better. Maybe too much. I'm quite fit and try to be an example to the others in the group and Heather is always telling me how strong and toned my legs are. It comes from pushing hard and doing my best every workout. Except, despite being so fit I still became injured about two months ago.

Just all of a sudden, one evening, as I climbed the stairs my leg was in some serious pain. I thought maybe it was just a cramp and it would go away, but no go. I was hurt.

Heather talked to her sister in law and we determined that it was just a severe muscle pull and that it would get better over time if I would just give it a rest and let it heal. That was the problem though, I'm so active that sitting still was a real difficult thing to do. Heather practically had to tie me down to get me to rest. But, over time it did happen. It took about two weeks for me to really start feeling better and I really wanted to rejoin the group, but Heather said I should take one more week and this time I listened even though I didn't like it.

The first day back Heather took us on a shorter route than normal, really about just one mile instead of the three we usually do. She kept a close eye on me and when she saw me reacting to the SLIGHT discomfort I was feeling she sent us back. I missed the next run since she was at a race and then the next run after that we were back to our routine. I went slower than normal and I was tired by the end, but it was good to be back. I still can feel when I do just a tad too much or when I move just the wrong way, but overall I'm much better.

I've noticed that we have a tendency to ignore our injuries and want to just plow right on through like nothing is wrong. I've learned that this is the wrong reaction. When we have an injury we have to slow down and take it a little easier and let ourselves heal. It isn't a weakness, it just is what it is. When the injury heals we can get back to work and continue to progress. It isn't a weakness, in fact recognizing our limits allows us to turn them into strengths when we work through them.

Really quick because I'm running out of time, I wanted to tell you about my name...ruh-roh...gotta go.

***Hey!! Well if that don't beat all....this is Itshowyoulive. I just got back and found my DOG on my BLOG!! 4RunnerB, huh? LOL...I know why he picked that name....4Runner for 4 legs and B for his name....Baxter. Officially he is Baxter the Beagle, but we just call him Baxter or even Bax.

Well, I guess I'm glad he did's allowed him to work through some of the emotions from his injury. He was really hurting there for awhile. My sister in law is a vet tech, but we tried not to use the "V" word around know how they get. We didn't tie him down, but we did end up having to crate him for almost two weeks while he healed. He did NOT like that. He kept trying to do too much (don't we all when we are recovering). Because of that we couldn't even give him anything for the pain. He needed to remember why he wasn't supposed to be moving around...poor guy. He REALLY hated being left behind for those several weeks, but is very happy to be back. In fact today's workout was one of the best to date, post injury. Maybe that's why he felt the need to write about it. It is a good reminder to us all though, that everyone has the potential for injury. How we come back from it is what REALLY matters.

Keep up the good work all and who knows what'll happen next time I leave the computer and dog alone :)!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    hahaha - that is hilarious!!! Baxter wrote a really great post...weird that I practically could have written it myself. LOL
    1800 days ago
    I love how you and Bax take care of and balance each other.
    so sweet
    and I'm glad he's on the mend.
    1800 days ago
    I was going to tell 4RunnerB to join SP and get on board with all of us, well I guess that's not going to happen. Good to know Baxter is mending well and happy to be back in his routine too. Since he's so intelligent, I hope he guests some more times on your blog
    1801 days ago
    Cute blog! Reminds me of my lab who tore something in his knee but wanted to keep playing fetch three legged.

    A timely blog too, I just injured my Achilles, probably from overuse. I know that I need the time to recover, but after a few days of not running, I have a feeling I will be bouncing off of the walls!
    1801 days ago
    Clever blog, and good stuff. Healing is not fun, but it IS necessary.

    1801 days ago
    What an intelligent dog emoticon poor thing.

    Glad he was nursed back to health by a loving mum emoticon
    1801 days ago
    Poor thing! I can't imagine keeping either one of my dogs still for weeks! Glad he's better. emoticon emoticon
    1802 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1802 days ago
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