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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I had a very wicked mothers day and just loved it. I went to see the Broadway Musical WICKED with my daughter, friend and Aunt.
It is a very long story but my mother gave me her seat for graduation because the plans that I had to go to it had not worked out. (that is another blog topic)

Can I get a nicer mother than that? I think NOT!

I saw Wicked in San Francisco 4 years ago with my best friend and soul sister and my mom. It was fantastic and changed me in a very positive way. I learned again that things are not as they seem. I had an opinion of all the characters in the wizard of OZ as being one way. Then was given a different view.

I had remembered the main things about the musical but forgot all the story lines going on. Seeing it the second time I caught so much more detail and got even more out of the story line. The set was good. In San Francisco it was not a traveling show so there was more to the stage but this stage did not disappoint in anyway. We were in the Mezzanine and if we would have been 2 or 3 rows closer they would have been the very best seats in the house.
I know... I used to work at the theater and seen productions from every view. Depending on what the production is makes a difference in where you should sit.

There were all kinds of souvenirs available: t-shirts, books, CD's, hats, jackets, key chains, charm bracelet, pens, & necklaces. I was fortunate I picked up a Wicked t-shirt at a consignment shop awhile back. Deifying Gravity. Now they had some that said "I dream in GREEN" Cute huh?
I saw a necklace there I am going to go back and get. have never seen anything like it. I can not find it anywhere on the internet. It is more than I usually spend for jewellery but... it really very unique. The production says so much to me-- That people and events are not as they seem or reported. Elphaba, the main character, is someone I try to be like. I love her sarcasm and wit. The vocals are just amazing and all the songs ring true.

Add to this She is Green, my favorite color emoticon and action emoticon .... well we are a match.
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