Happy Monday!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Wow - that was a weird phrase to write, but it's true, I'm actually happy today and it's Monday! And no, I'm not super hopped up on coffee. I haven't had any coffee all day!

Reasons Why:
1. I lost 2.4 pounds. Finally, my hard work is paying off. I just hope the number keeps going down, down, down!
2. I had a really great weekend.
3. I got done what I wanted to get done at work today.
4. My hair looks good. :)

I'm blogging primarily because I promised SQUIRRELMISSION that I would, but also because I'm done with my calories for the day, but still feeling munchy. Hopefully by the time I finish this blog, the munchies will have passed. If not, I'll go to the gym... more on why that's not my first choice in a minute.

So... I had the best and worst weekend all in one. My friend Diana and I met early on Saturday morning to hike the Freedom Trail at Piestewa Peak. It's rated as a moderate to difficult hike, with a total distance of 3.74 miles and a change in elevation from 1,400 to 2,100 feet. We knew we were challenging ourselves, but with the Grand Canyon hike in October, we gotta train! I put on sunscreen and my 2 liter camelbak and off we went. Let me tell you, that optimism faded REAL fast. The beginning of the hike was SO freaking hard. Up and down steep rock formations with rises somewhere between 18 inches and 2 feet. It's like the step class from hell. I was using some borrowed hiking poles to see if they would give me some added stability for my crappy knees and they did. But, jeez, this hike was just awful. The gnats were crazy. I swallowed at least two and one went up my nose. I fell once. And all of this before we got to this area where there's two benches facing each other at the top of this one peak. Diana and I figured we had to be close to halfway. SO WRONG! But, we let this little perky blonde convince us that we had to keep going rather than turn around. She said that it was much easier after the part we had just done and that there was only one more really steep section. Well, it pays not to listen to perky blondes. First off, we were probably closer to only 1/4 through the hiking trail, not even close to 1/2 and it was NOT easy going after that. There definitely were some easier parts, but the whole thing was super hard. The worst part is that I ran out of water with probably 1/3 left to go, and Diana ran out shortly after, although she was kind enough to share about a 1/2 liter with me. By the time we ran out, I was already really thirsty, and I'm pretty sure I was dehydrated because I had goosebumps even though it was 95 degrees out. Diana meanwhile was getting a migraine and threw up a little in her mouth. We were both in lots of pain, but had no choice but to keep trudging on. It was a little scary, and Diana and I have pledged to NEVER EVER EVER go back to that mountain. When we finally got to the bottom of the Summit Trail portion, we were able to refill some water and felt much better. But then we still had probably .5 miles or so to get back to my car. Well, I threw away my pride and asked these two nice guys if they were parked nearby and whether they would drive us up to my car, which they agreed to do. So nice and so very much appreciated. I trust karma will repay them somewhere down the line.

Anyway, despite the agony, Diana and I bonded even more and laughed and swore and nearly cried and moaned and whined and swore some more. If not for the dehydration and sore muscles, it would have been a really great morning. Even so, I feel like a total bad a$$ for completing the hike from hell. I just need to get a bigger camelbak.

I had plans that same night with my new guy and I was really hoping that I'd get a chance to nap before meeting up with him, but that didn't work out. And that was probably for the best. Because my muscles never really had a chance to get stiff. I'm a little all over, but I feel pretty good. Because of that, and some more exercise yesterday, I'm taking a break today. I had a really great date with my guy, and I'm really hopeful for how things are going with him, which is why I say I had the best weekend. And I guess that's really it for now. I hope you all had a great Monday too and if not, I hope the week gets better. Cheers!
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    by the way, i want to know where this trail is because I WANT TO HIKE IT! and am saddened that you have sworn it off otherwise id ask you to come with me lol but ew, the gnats. not sure im up for that part. maybe ill wait til winter lol
    1801 days ago
    love you little lady!
    1801 days ago
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