Yes, I'm twitterpated.

Monday, May 13, 2013

I've been so busy lately. But it's been good.

And yes, I'm pretty flipping twitterpated. Just when I think I can be cool, he does something adorable.

Today there was a postcard in the mail from his trip to Seattle. Totally unexpected. And incredibly sweet.

He got home from his 2-week trip on Friday evening. He had plans to go straight to his friend's house from the airport. I was antsy to see him, but we had plans for Saturday, and I could wait. Still, he chatted with me sporadically throughout the night. I went to my sister's for a while. When I left her house, he left his party. I mentioned that he could visit, but it was 2am - I figured no way. Especially since he still hadn't been home from his trip. But apparently that was all I needed because he showed up at my door shortly after I got home. He apparently was excited to see me too. So we played a bunch of pool again. And then I went to his house on Saturday and he made dinner and then we played board games. I kinda think he's really really awesome. I feel like such a dork.

He flew out again yesterday but this will be a short trip and he'll be home on Wednesday. And I'll see him on Friday. I'm psyched.

In other news, last Wednesday I went out bowling with the implementation team from work. I actually had a lot of fun. When we got to the last game of the night, we instituted the rule that we had to bowl with our opposite hand, which meant left for me. I ended up winning that game. I bowled a 72. I don't know what my other games were. I think I bowled pretty average, which is about 120 for me.

Trivia was just okay on Thursday. It was nice to have my bro there. It's annoying when my parents ask me questions and don't listen to the answers. It took them half an hour to ask how my trip to California was. And then when they finally did and I was in the middle of explaining it, they interrupted me to let me know they made reservations to rent a cottage in August. My brother actually laughed when they did it because he recognized that they did it. And I just shrugged and said "This is my life." It was nice to have validation from him though. We didn't win trivia at all. We tied for first in the first game, but lost the tie-breaker.

Friday, I went to my sister's and was incredibly bored. They were all playing Magic and my sister was sorting Magic cards. I didn't want to be there. It didn't help that I was preoccupied with knowing that S was home and I'd see him the next day. He also teased me a little on his way out to his friend's house by telling me he stopped in my area to pick up some beer for the party and dinner. I was busy thinking how nice it would have been if he had just stopped by for a quick hello. But he ended up visiting anyway, and it was more than just a quick hello. I can't complain.

Saturday was my brother's birthday so I went out bowling with him and his friends. I originally thought it was going to be more of a family thing with my parents and my sister, but it was just his friends. I felt somewhat out of place because I'm 14 years older than them. But they included me like I was just like them. Except that I kicked their butts!!! The first game I beat the next highest score by only 1 pin, but after that, they didn't even come close. But that's because I was bowling AWESOME! At least for me, I was. 136, 175, and 166. The 175 was all marks until I got a split in the 8th frame... right after a double, no less. Then I got another split in the 9th. Bummer. Still a great game. Then I went to my parents' for cake and ice cream for my brother, and then I went over to S's for my date.

Sunday morning I gave blood and then spent the day with my family. It was an incredibly lazy day, which I was grateful for because I was exhausted. Having had such a lack of sleep in the previous nights combined with having given blood, I was worthless yesterday. But I gave my mom a salad spinner for Mother's Day. I think she liked it. I hope she uses it. I love mine.

Today I was back to work and my boss took the day off. I was busy all day. It was a good day. I got a little sleepy around 3, so I'm taking it easy tonight. I think I may have been too busy lately.

I don't have any plans for the week so far, which is a stark change from last week. I'm okay with that though. I could use some down-time.

Okay. On to health stuff, which is what I'm supposed to be writing about here. I've been sort of lousy at that stuff lately. I ate the lunches they brought in for the team every day last week at work. And I ate what I wanted... I didn't look at stuff and try to pick the healthiest option. One day we had Panera sandwiches and I took a nice hunk of bread with my sandwich. It was delicious. I had delicious potatoes with my Chicken Shack. I enjoyed a fortune cookie the day they got Chinese. And I had a pretzel burger the night we went out bowling. In addition to a few beers. I had to have fun.

In other words, I've been pretty far off of my meal plan. And I STILL am not strength training. I was sticking to my running plan pretty solidly, though I finished my training plan on Tuesday, Ran another 5K on Thursday and was scheduled to run Saturday or Sunday and never did. It's the first run I've skipped since I started. I'm not worried about it though. To be fair, I was insanely busy on Saturday and Sunday I gave blood. I don't run after giving blood anymore. The first time I did, I had a bad experience. And that was a full day after.

I'm getting back to the meal plan today. I went out to lunch, and skipped my protein shake. But otherwise, everything else has been spot on. I have food to eat all ready for me at work so I'm good there. I'm just back to hating lunch in the building, because people DO interrupt me, and I hate it. I just want to be left alone to read my book. It's the only time I really take to read.

I think tomorrow is supposed to be nicer so I'd like to ride my bike over to my parents' house. I've been thinking lately that I should probably set up monthly goals for my bike riding so I don't get overwhelmed with a ton of miles at the end of the summer. I want to ride more than 1650 miles this year, and as a secondary goal, 2000 miles. Now I just have to figure a logical way to split those up into the months that I have available to ride. Maybe I'll do that next time.
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    Awww!!! Glad you two are having a great time together! :)

    What helped with my ST was what I did for running. I made a chart with all the workouts laid out, and I complete them and cross them off. It's a calendar hanging on my closet door now.

    Also, it's constant progress, which is a lot of fun for me. Very validating.

    Let me know if there's anything I can help with with the ST. Don't ask me about the eating! Hahahaha - I was sick for a few days, so I was well below my calorie range... blech...
    2170 days ago
    Sounds like fun stuff all around!
    Eating is the hard part for me, too. It seems easier to stick to the exercise, since it's something you make yourself do, rather than eating, which is something you stop yourself from doing. :) Maybe I should look at healthy eating as something I DO, instead of preventing myself from eating bad foods... hmmmmmm...

    But we'll kick this week's butt!!!
    2172 days ago
  • no profile photo ELRIDDICK
    Thanks for sharing
    2172 days ago
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