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Monday, May 13, 2013

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, those of you who posted...

I'm back. A bit differently, this time, but I'm back.

In April, I didn't think I would ever garden again. I was hardly able to move. I was really sure that I was dying. Honestly. I was in terrible pain all over my entire body, and my thinking was fogged. I was depressed. I was always feeling so sick and just not able to take care of everyone, anymore. Not even myself, really.

Ended up I had another infection that was missed. Probably another abscess where my gallbladder used to be, as well. Antibiotics took care of some of that. I'm better, and I'm up and around a bit more, again. Still have the same problems. Still the same me. But I can move a bit, again, and I have a bit more hope that I can do things, again, a little bit. So - the garden has begun. A bit of hope does work wonders.

The totally radical change in my life is... two weeks ago, my boyfriend consented to try eliminating grains from the house. Entirely. His, too. And he's a grain addict. He would rather have a burger on a bun than a steak. He never eats just meat. It has to be between slices of bread. He wants toast and cereal for breakfast every day of his life. That's what he's had. He's been healthy, too. He was a bodybuilder with pecs that anyone would envy, even some of us girls! So this was a huge change for him.

His motivation is the back pain he has, and the gut he's gotten since he slipped a disc and had back surgery 11 years ago. His stomach is getting bigger and he's eating but a fraction of what he used to eat, and is frustrated. It's like the chronic pain has changed his entire metabolism and he's very unhappy about that. His pain has gotten much worse the past year. He's still working full time and he has to climb flights of stairs often, in his job. As many miles as he puts in five nights a week, and as hard as he pushes himself every day, you'd think he'd be thin as a rail, but no. He's gained almost 70 lbs over his ideal weight, and he's been very unhappy about that.

My boyfriend's decision gives me complete control over what my son eats, too, for the first time, because he's a grazer and since my surgeries he's ballooned to 320 lbs, and that scares me. He has Autism. He does not understand why he needs to watch what he's eating, and he loves to eat above just about everything else in his world. So he's on this path with me, like it or not, and just not having things available for him to raid is probably the best path we could take. He shares the exercycle and the trampoline, and we've done exercise tapes together, but his noshing on cereals and breads has me worried about his blood sugar.

I've been begging to get rid of the grains for about ten years, now. I really cut back, myself, when I read about the contamination of ALL rice crops with GMO DNA in the USA, even though Monsanto never had permission to plant GMO rice here! I hate few things, but I've hated Monsanto for decades. Finally, the bf, who also has changed his mind and now hates Monsanto and RoundUp, too, (after decades of saturating our yard in RoundUp. He's listening to me more about diet changes. Monsanto is making GMO wheat, now. Who knows what it is in, but the tests are really scary.

So my bf gave me permission to ditch the grain. Rice and crackers in the garage. Cereal, too. Nothing in the house we aren't supposed to eat. I just keep out lots of fresh veggies and fat free yogurt for all of us to snack on.

My son is losing, too! Slowly. He's still eating things I'd rather he didn't overindulge in. A quarter pound of butter disappeared overnight not long ago, and I don't know what he found to put it on, so it's been a challenge. I am picturing him slathering celery with butter... or just eating it out of hand? He will get up when I'm sleeping and raid the fridge. He's slowly changing those habits, though.

But my boyfriend is the biggest surprise. He lost 17 lbs just the first week, on no breads, no cereals, no grains of any kind. And we feel so much better. It's not even low carb because we are eating plenty of fruit and even some veggies occasionally that are high GI index, like potatoes. We have sweet potatoes. We have grapes and melons and corn and beans. We're not hurting for food at all.

I did cut full fat dairy, too. We drink 1% milk. We do eat small amounts of low fat and fat free cheeses, including Laughing Cow, which my son loves on celery. Not everything is organic, yet. I'm working on that.

I'm able to do some gardening this year. I hope I can continue. It's something I think is important for our health, and for the exercise. I was so ill right through April, and did not think I would ever be able to garden again, but it ended up I had yet another infection going on. That finally cleared up and I'm feeling much better and putting in some work, even though I'm not supposed to be lifting much, yet.

I was losing before I managed to convince my love that he needs to give it a try, too. I have 12 lbs in the past month. It's not been difficult for me, very much. I get occasional cravings, but it's not that hard. I eat an awful lot of celery and carrots and raw things. I do make a lot of smoothies with kale and blueberries. I'm feeling so much better, just lately. Not as good as I need to feel, but better than I was. I hope this continues.

Wish us luck. Much love to you all!
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    I hadn't checked up on you in a long while. I have been trying to get better myself. It has been 6 months and I am still recovering. I am doing much better. I am out in my garden again. It is very painful for me, but I am out there. Glad to hear of all the challenges you are overcoming. You are doing the best things for yourself and your family. I didn't realize you were going through so much. I am so sorry for your suffering. I am no stranger to suffering. I do feel for you and will really pray for you. Keep going and you will have you and your family in a healthy fashion. I am so sorry I haven't been on Sparkpeople regularly for so very long. I am just getting back into the swing of things the past month. I had gained 29 pounds back. I have managed to loss some off that back off. Got a long way to go. Hang in there and be prayerful about what you must do each day to get back to health. Hugs. emoticon
    2127 days ago
    Sue, welcome back! I am so glad that things are turning around for you. emoticon Keep in touch.

    Hugs, Gail
    2138 days ago
    Hi Sue,
    Lovely to have you back, I've missed you.

    I hope things will go well for you and your family now, you sound very committed, and congratulations on the weight loss so far. It's nice that all of you can work together to a common goal.

    Take care emoticon emoticon

    2140 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/14/2013 3:41:16 AM
  • JILL313
    Hi Sue, Thank you for letting us know how you and your family, bf have been. I've missed you and read every word you wrote. I'll be praying for all of you to be healthier and better able to lose the excess weight with all the grains in the trash can. I understand how eating is on the top of your son's list of good things to do as my disabled son eats a lot and is inching closer and closer to 300#s. He says he's always hungry and loves anything that has a sweet taste including bananas and most fruit. He is a sugar addict and I also worry he'll develop diabetes which luckily he doesn't show any signs of yet. It's hard enough to control my own eating let a lone his. I hope good things are ahead for all of you. Take good care.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2140 days ago
    Thanks for the great update - it is somehow more special when those around us are cooperative and lose too.
    2140 days ago
    Glad you're on the mend. And good to see you over here on Spark! Nice that you have some unity on the home eating front, too... makes it so much easier when you're all on the same plate (to morph the metaphor)...

    Spark on! emoticon
    2140 days ago
    So nice to see you again, Sue. Hope all these changes are just the ticket to good health for all of you. Take care and keep in touch! Hugs, Jeannie
    2140 days ago
    wow that is a bunch of changes. I hope you all feel well.

    it does take some ingenuity to figure out other things to eat and trying new things so you don't get bored.

    I think it would be difficult to do, but wish for you the best for sure!!!! emoticon emoticon
    2140 days ago
    Sue, so glad you are feeling better and glad to hear that you are losing weight, as your son and bf. Hope your garden works out well for you this year.
    Been reading some of your posts on fb and they are as crazy as you always have been lol. Take care, sweet lady. (hugs) Noel
    2140 days ago
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