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Monday, May 13, 2013

This morning started out with boot camp. It was tough especially after the weekends hike. As I was feeling like I was running out of staying power, our trainer Rico ran up to me and said "remember why you came here" and that was all it took to spur me on to finish the circuit. He really is brilliant and why I love boot camp, because his eyes are everywhere and he seems to care that we get what we pay for.....a good work out.

Tonight was weigh in and I have a really funny story to tell about our weigh in group tonight.
I was 5 minutes late. I walked into the room and saw everyone staring at me and the next thing they all burst out laughing?? My response was "I know I can be funny, but I haven't said anything yet." Our weight loss challenge lady asked permission from one of the ladies to tell me why they were all laughing. Turns out that of the 9 people that come, 4 didn't pitch tonight (that's an admission of guilt according to Vaughan) emoticon Then out of the rest, 1 didn't lose any weight and 2 gained weight from too much fun with mothers day...that left 1 lady who said "great Celeste's not here, I'm going to win, I'm going to win" while doing a happy dance. She lost 1.2kgs (2.6pounds) and that's GREAT.
I walked in and we'll take it from the laughter....I get put onto the scale and I lost 1.4kgs (3.08pounds) She muttered an expletive and sat down. How cool is that for me? emoticon

But I have really put in the work. I mean I was also at the mall on Sunday and given a cookie thing covered in icing and topped with a silver delectable edible but I passed it on to my brother in law as I did the biscuit that comes with the coffee. All week long I've been turning down stuff. Today I went to visit my friend Carol and she offered us wine. The friend with me accepted, I said no thanks. I then went through her cupboards looking for some lemon juice to make myself some hot lemon water....nothing, because Carol doesn't believe in lemons, she says they are acidic. I ended having a cup-of-soup, tomato flavor. So my wise choices have seen me wear the crown at weight loss challenge more often than not.
This was the first time when I lost the most centimeters 39cm overall.

Another week I won the crown and I was asked to share it with my sister Gale because she has exceptional good readings also.

And again last week.

Tonight's picture of me wearing the crown is not up on weight loss challenges facebook page yet.

Another person asked if I'm not tired of winning the crown? Why would I be, every win is a loss and I work hard for that, so NO, I love wearing the crown. Actually I don't love wearing the crown, but I love what it represents....which is....saying no to unhealthy choices.

Ultimately, this rings true.

And so does this.

It isn't perfect, there are days when the munchies hit big time and I don't make good choices. But the boot camp and hiking take care of those bad days. I also DO MY UTMOST not to let one day ruin my focus, not do I allow one day to turn into two....then three etc.
So far....so good.

Tonight I signed up for another 3 months with the money I made from being translator to Janine because while I had decided not to go back, they now have a new thing in place. The biggest loser over the 3 month period from the western province wins a 4day 3night cruise.
I feel I have a pretty good chance. So I signed up again. Luckily the fee includes the meal replacement shake, so ultimately you aren't paying that much.
IMAGINE if I win a trip.....how awesome would that be?

So I'm going to give it my best shot....who knows?!
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