Here's to self control.

Monday, May 13, 2013

This really got to me. I really struggle with my eating habits. I'll do good for a while, then I'll do bad, then usually I just give up. This time around, I haven't given up, which is good, but I haven't been using my self control as I should be. And I'm getting frustrated with myself for interfering with my progress.

I saw this one day, and I stopped and thought about why I started. Because I WANT that end goal. I WANT to wear medium shirts. I WANT to get rid of this spare tire. I WANT to see myself as normal, not fat. So why am I not using my self control and allowing myself to eat whatever junk I want??

So let's raise a glass to self control. I'm going to use it this week. I'm going to focus on putting healthy food into my body instead of just focusing on what my taste buds want (what do they know, anyway?) I'm going make sure I'm getting my 5 freggies each day, all my protein, and lots of water. I'm going to stop making excuses and start eating in a way that gets me the health I want!

It's just like I tell my little students... you can tell your body what to do! You can make it be still, even if it's not fun. Well... I am in charge of me! I can make my body eat better, even if it's not fun. And just like my students, I'll see that it IS more fun in the long run when I'm getting the results I want. :)

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