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When Oh No becomes Hell Yeah!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Those of you who have followed my blog know that I am a LARPer. Yup, I dress up in costumes and spend entire weekends running around the woods and fields beating on my friends with plumbing supplies. LOL I wouldn't give it up for anything!

We had our season opener this past weekend. These are always great events, as we get to see our friends we haven't been around since October, and the feeling is one of excitement. Invariably it rains, and it dampens no one's spirits. It's a community, and a family. There really is no better place in my mind.

Now I've been out of shape for a very long time. I actually got worse AFTER I started LARPing instead of better. I had gained close to 50 pounds since I started playing, and have managed to take 42 of them off now. I couldn't run for long, or far, without having extreme difficulty breathing, which can sometimes work against you in a LARP. At the beginning of this campaign (each campaign lasts 5 years) 3 yrs ago, I was concerned because my cabin was going to be at the bottom of a hill away from main building and bathrooms. In fact, at the very first event of the campaign I broke my foot on that hill on my way back to my cabin from a middle of the night bathroom run. I was not pleased, but not much I could do about it, or so I thought.

This past weekend I surprised myself. I climbed that hill quite a lot, and was not huffing and puffing like the past. Sure I lost my breath at times, which was usually after a prolonged swordfight in the field, but it was never for long. The best part though was that I ran. I didn't jog, people. I RAN!!! I ran half way across the field, which for the record used to be a horse coral, on uneven ground, at night, and CAUGHT the person I was fighting (who happens to be tiny and quick like a rabbit). I surprised her, but I suprised my friends, but I suprised myself more because when I was done running I took a few deep breaths and thought to myself that all my time on the treadmill must be paying off!

So..yeah. My "Oh No" moments of having to chase someone or climb that hill turned into "Hell Yeah!" when I was doing it with little discomfort!

Now THAT is a NSV!
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