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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!
I am so happy our newest 5% Challenge is under way. I find I don't spend much time on Spark unless I'm part of a challenge. I do log in and track what I eat every day, yes, I still do that. But then I leave without doing much else. Very little blog reading and I love reading all your blogs! And of course, no blog writing. Well, let's get this party started again and I'm going to spend the next couple of days getting caught up on everyone's wonderful blogs and checking out our new team members.

So, my hubby hurt his knee skiing last December and hasn't been able to hike much. Well, I am tired of waiting for that stupid knee to be ALL BETTER. I have been encouraging him to take his rehab to the next level (he is not as good as doing regular exercise as I am) (plus, he's kind of a baby about his knee) and he's been working hard so this weekend we decide to test it a bit with a couple of little hikes. By little I mean 4 miles or less in length. Both hikes involved climbing but hey, he's a big boy and that's how I like to roll on a hike. I WANT it to be hard so it counts for something.
Yesterday's hike was at Lory State Park. They had a fire there in March caused by a crazy guy fiddling with making an electric gate on his nearby property. Sheesh. Burned up a lot of the lower lying vegetation and the trails were closed for awhile. Most are open again so we went on the Well Gulch trail. Supposed to be 3 miles round trip but because it's a loop trail the "one way" distance was the entire way. Shorter than we'd wanted but still a good test of "the knee" (as it's come to be known). Starts out in grass and scrub bush and follows a stream up into pines. Very nice little trail, not too many people on it. "The knee" handled it just fine.

See how green it is? Until you notice that burnt part...

That's my hubby. Knees look just fine, don't they?

Our picnic site view. The more astute of you may recognize that reservoir as being the same one in most of my hiking pictures. Well, that's cuz it's huge! And it sits between the mountains and the city. It saves us from idiots wanting electric gates and various other fire sources. There was one person water skiing on it! Brrrr. Still a bit cold for that.

This is one of the famous Northern Colorado Half and Half trees. Half burnt, half alive. Made of sturdy stuff. I like trying to see some when we're out where there's been a fire.

Today we hiked up Coyote Ridge, which is basically in the same range (The Rocky Mountains, anyone?) but just foothills really. This was a longer, harder hike and "the knee" did just fine. Yes! I think he finally realizes he can go hiking. Much joy and celebration on my part because hiking is my favorite thing to do. Woohoo.

Here's the view looking towards the bigger range from where we hiked. Those snow capped peaks in the background, well, the one on the right Is Long's Peak. It's a 14er and I've never climbed it cuz you have to start at like 2 in the morning. No thanks. But it's beautiful, no? And it's the 14er we can see from Fort Collins so it always watches over us.

And this is looking the other way, back towards town. See how flat it is? We sit on the edge of the Great American Prairie and sometimes I swear I can see Kansas from up here. Not today.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!
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