Hippie Chick - Quarter Marathon - Completed!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Yesterday was the big day!

Originally, back in November, I signed up to do the half marathon. My training was going great, made it to 9 miles, then life happened.

With pains and a crazy life I allowed my training to fall off track, for about 2 months or so.

I was determined to stick to my goal and not give up comletely so I switched to the Quarter marathon.

Originally my sister, Nat-Again, was going to do it with me. She kept her eye focused on her goal. Exercised diligently and lost a lot of weight. She looks Amazing! But then severe tendinitis got in her way and she wasn't able to participate.

My 20yo daughter did it with me.

We drove the hour plus to arrive at our destination and met up with 20+ friends from church and community. Most were doing the half and they have all been very inspirational to me.

Being still morbidely obese I was self-conscious about coming in last or being "different" from everyone else. I was pleasantly surprised to see we all came in different shapes and sizes. As we stood around taking in the thousands in attendance I told my daughter it's great to know I'm not there being judged by others. We all have our own stories, we are all there to do our best whatever we, ourselves, define it to be at that very moment.

The 6.55 miles was tough. The scenery beautiful, the road easy, the environment motivational but the distance added to the heat added to the fact my training had slacked off made it a challenge. I had to talk to myself, become my own cheerleader and told myself giving up was NOT an option.

I was pleasantly surprised to see I had beat the goal I had set for myself. (2:15:00) I finished in 1:57:11 coming in 934th out 1056 (those doing the quarter)

I WILL be signing up for it again next year. I hope I can stay focused on my health and will be able to accomplish a new Best next year>

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