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I won't lie to you today's hike was.....

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My word. I wanted to go for a walk, I wanted to go to the sea and walk over the hills, dh had another idea, a walk in the mountains. Ah well, at least it was a walk. Heavens......I think this was the toughest hike to date.

We drove to the start which is called the quarry through some beautiful mountain passes. The hike we would be doing is called the "passes to passes" hike and pretty much explains why. It's a hike from one pass to the other over mountains and through the valleys.

The scenery to get there was gorgeous. This old bridge is how the train got about when the steam train was still running. Now its used by the rail car that takes people up the mountain for sight seeing.

The view of the top of that bridge.

We set off from the quarry and initially we were walking on a path. Nothing about this hike was easy, from the get go it was hip height boulders that we had to scramble over and when you are 5ft3 it can be tough.

Actually the mountain on a whole looks so beautiful and smooth....

But its not, its full of boulders to climb and scrubby bush which had to be negotiated. My goodness by the end of the day I was scratched to pieces.

I'm still not sure what happened because one moment we were walking on a path and suddenly it was crazy overgrown and then there was ABSOLUTELY NO PATH. We bush whacked through heavily overgrown sections, in fact of our 3 hr walk, probably half was done fighting this scratchy undergrowth.

At a point my knee started hurting from tripping over the roots. I was losing my good nature rather rapidly. emoticon It was tough going, I was hot, bothered, getting knee sore and just not enjoying this hike.
We could see where we were meant to be, but without a path it was heavy going.

We were the only two people on the mountain that Saturday which normally is okay, but when your wife is trying to win a whining Winnie competition emoticon I think hubby was praying for some one else to miraculously appear.
Everywhere I looked it was just bush, and more bush. I was running out of energy and we still had an awful long way to go, even if we turned back, it would still be long trip. We decided to keep pushing forward to try and find the path which would make the going easier. I got incredibly tired and after an hr of stomping I started having some mutinous thoughts. emoticon

We finally came to a clearing and decided to take a break. I drank my lunch which I brought with me (meal replacement drink) and hubby ate his food.

Hubby used the break to climb up the highest rock and use his binoculars to see if the path was anywhere near....fortunately it was. That gave me a bit of courage and a little renewed energy.

Another 15 minutes and we were finally on the path again.

I have to say that once I became taller than the plants and scrub there was more to see. The plant life up on that mountain was truly beautiful.
From bright yellow ones to reeds....all worth it, nature is splendidly dressed by its creator.

For anyone named Heather, this is what you are named after...purple mountain heather in full bloom.

The wild proteas were also most interesting to see and completely unlike the pink ones you can buy in florists.

I'm very much a reeds and grasses person and these on the mountain are just fabulous, especially when the sun shines through them.

Even the simple fern leaves were spotted and beautiful.

While we saw many plants, we saw no animals of any kind???
No rabbits, no tortoises, buck, bush pig.....no animals.....except this cute little bug.

The view from the top (or near the top) was breath taking.

We stopped for a water break and shared a banana. Thankfully that would give me yet more energy. My word I was tired...so tired I actually felt tearful and kept wondering if I could murder my husband out here and get away with it emoticon emoticon

I could see where we were headed and it seemed to me that I would need a lifetime to manage to get to there. Did I mention that I wasn't enjoying this hike? emoticon

This is as far as we got and I just had nothing more to give. So close but still so far away....I simply had to call it a day. My bad knee was aching and we still had to walk back which was ALL DOWNHILL and would not be easy on my knee.

This was the last picture we took of the view we were leaving behind.

We passed some more pretty wild plants on the way down.

Still on the path going down, by now I was walking at a snails pace just too sore to go any faster, every step was reverberating through my pathetic knee. All that kept me going was the promise from hubby of an ice cold beer AND a toasted cheese sandwich at the Wimpy on the way home. Mentally I added and a cake or something.... emoticon

We made it down safe and sound, but I do believe my husbands ears are still ringing from all the whining I did. I think he regretted not just taking me to the sea like I asked. Once down, I felt better and gave the beer, toasted sandwich AND the cake or something - a miss - in favor of a hot bath and a healthier meal of broccoli, mushrooms and cottage cheese...after all Monday is weigh in day.

The good side of these crazy hikes is this.....my pants that had to be taken in THIS much from my over 10kg (22pounds) weight loss.

Once I'd bathed, had some tea and food, my sister and I were chatting about why THIS hike was so tough? I mean I've been doing mini extreme challenges for quite a while, so why now? Then my sister reminded me that (a) I do boot camp 3x week..HEAVY HEAVY exercise and (b) I'm on extremely low carbs to get my weight off asap to help with the insulin issue I suffered in March a mere 2 months ago.....ah the penny dropped.
Well, good to know. I will make sure that my hiking trips are not QUITE AS STRENUOUS as this one was, but I will keep enjoying them with my hubby. It really is our time out from everything and everyone.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Way to go on surviving that hike. You can now look back at this and say you did it in spite of the challenges. Either way you look at it you were a success. Give yourself a great big High 5. emoticon

    The photo where just awesome. Thanks for sharing them.
    1863 days ago
  • GINA180847
    Yes, I'd probably have gone back not too long into the hike. I like paths that are worn and have been trodden muchly by others. I also prefer few hills. Good for you that you did this. That is what love does for you.
    1864 days ago
    I am proud of you, you did fantastic on that hike even if you did whine LOL
    Beautiful , beautiful nature pictures.
    I myself would never have been able to get through that hike.

    BTW you are looking great, keep us posted on the weigh in.

    Love Mary
    1864 days ago
    So fabulous that you are still challenging yourself! You are beautiful! HUGS
    1864 days ago
    How awesome! And you made it too. Beautiful pics and delicious meal
    1864 days ago
    yet another grand adventure...I so look forward to your blogs and all the lovely photos
    1864 days ago
    Looks like it was a beautiful walk, even though it was tough.
    Yay You! Losing 22 lbs is emoticon !
    You look great.
    Continued SUCCESS!
    1864 days ago
    You're lookin' good, mama.
    Happy mothers day.

    the pictures are beautiful.
    1864 days ago
    emoticon what a hike

    loved the pictures

    emoticon emoticon on the weight loss too
    1864 days ago
    As I read the beginning and saw the photos..I DID think you had gotten off the trail...and sure enough, you had. THAT, no doubt, contributed to the exhaustion factor also. Glad you got home safely (with no serious falls) and I sincerely hope your knee is ok. Do you bring along ACE bandages to give it some extra support? I am SO proud of you and all your efforts...and your success!!! 22 lbs is fantastic!!! emoticon
    1864 days ago
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