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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Headed to the park this morning for a run or a walk, and I discovered that I didn't have my phone. I left it in my bike saddlebag after my ride Friday night. So I headed to the office to get my phone (I keep my bike at the office; there is no place to ride near the house, but there are LOTS of bike paths in town).

I decided I'd just run in town. Then I remembered that while I was on my bike ride last night, I went by the stadium where I do my bleacher workouts. They added a new lock on the interior fence a while back, so I haven't been able to climb the bleachers lately. But I knew that if I kept checking, eventually somebody would forget to lock that gate. I noticed the gate was open last night. YAY! So I figured I'd hit the bleachers.

The path was a tiny bit overgrown. We've had LOTS of rain, and nobody has had any reason to use the path while the inside gate was locked. I slid down the hill and fell flat on my butt! I don't think there was any poison ivy, but I was covered in various hitchhikers. I only did a total of 510 bleachers (I was doing 1000 earlier this year), but I had to get home and take a shower so I could take Omar to the vet.

Omar got his stitches out today...and after FOUR cone! Yay, Omar. He met a Great Dane while we were in the waiting area. That was the funniest thing! Omar is about 14 lbs and he was just loving the Great Dane. The Dane had small dogs at home, so he had no issue with Omar wanting to play.

Obie has become the best nanny dog ever! When he hears me say LEAVE IT to Omar, or hears “Omar, what are you doing?” Obie shows up with a toy. That's what I did with Obie when he was a pup – if he had something he shouldn't have, I gave him a toy that he could have. Now Obie is helping me do the same with Omar.

I've been on a 'junk food' craze lately. But it's my NEW version of junk food. Last night we had taco salads: romaine topped with some black beans, grilled tri-color peppers, shredded cheddar and a mix of plain Greek yogurt w/salsa for the dressing. I cooked a MorningStar patty to go on DH's salad.

Tonight it's Buffalo chicken – I cooked a package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the Crock Pot. When they were fully cooked, I poured off the liquid and put it in the freezer for later, poured a bottle of Buffalo Wing sauce on the chicken and shredded it with a fork. We'll have it on a salad with a side of brown rice/bulghur/quinoa mixture and some beans.

I also thought the leftovers would be good with celery. I saw a recipe on Spark where they mixed Bleu Cheese with plain Greek yogurt. Great way to get the flavor, cut the calories, and add some protein!

tonight I'm working on getting the ironing caught up and swapping out my seasonal clothes.
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