RE: My 2 Year, Journey Here On, SparkPeople (2011 - 2013). (STPWO)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

RE: My 2 year Journey, here on SparkPeople (2011 - 2013), i 1st joined SparkPeople, in Oct/Nov 2007, my SparkName then was, Grease 3 i made, loads & loads of, new SparkFriends & i had not, been for a while, because i had lost, all of my PaperWork/Library Card/Library Pin Number.

So 2 years ago, Wednesday 10th May 2011, i decided to re - join, SparkPeople my SparkName then, & now is Grease 31, which i like &, am very very happy, with also i have, made loads & loads, of new friends 2, if any of my, Old friends r still, around when i 1st, joined here as Grease 3, you are welcome to, re - join me as i, am now Grease 31.

My journey 2 say, the least has had, it's ups & downs, more downs if you, know what i mean, he who shall remain, 'NAMELESS' !!!! !!!! !!!!, all i can say, about him 'now' is, he is a 'MUPPET', !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!, lol lol lol lol, there used to be, a time when i, could not laugh about, things 'he' changed that, but because of that, i became much much, STRONGER & HAPPIER !!!!.

So much so that, i do not need, a man in my, life who will try &, control me & beat, me up or throw, a Pint Glass @, me scarring my face, eg (Paul Jackson, - My EX HUSBAND,) or who will act, like a big kid, when he can not, get his own way, in other words throw, his toys out of, the pram etc etc, (James Needham, - My EX BOYFRIEND,) & who also has, a TEMPER TANTRUM if, he can not get, his own way etc.

I have been there, 1nce with the 2nd, Person's name who i, have written down etc, with whom i will, never ever go there, again not even if, my life 'DEPENDED' on it. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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