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And The Princess Has Arrived

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yesterday was to say the least, an exhausting day :) And though i don't have a step counter, i can assure you i did get in some Mom, my younger niece and I met for breakfast, then we met the parents to be at the hospital. The whole morning was riddled with stuff only we would see and find funny... like my poor dd2 asking if the grips on the socks went on the bottom...we made fun of her for that one right up until my mom asked something just as ridiculous...she seen me on my phone in the hospital...then we went out to the van to make some calls and get some fresh air, i put my phone down in the middle so i could get in van, she looked and asked who's phone, and when i said mine, she asked if i had brought it out... well let's, it walked there was more, so much more and by the end of the day, we were slap happy and over joyed anyways... no people, you can't take this family anywhere...we will find ways to entertain ourselves... the giggles could be heard from all of us at different point of the day throughout the But of course, the high light of the day was at 12:48pm when the princess finally made her entrance into the world at 9 lbs and 21.5 in long :) So far she is perfectly content on just being here. She cries when they are messing with her, but as soon as their hands are off her, she goes back to quietly just being in our world...her little tongue is constantly on the move and really has no desire to cut up a fuss even when she is hungry... she just wants fed and expects everyone to already cater to her every want...but so far, she does so She took to her mommy's breast like a training her how to do it...of course, the poor baby already thinks that every time her mommy gets her, that it must be time to Her brother still isn't sure about all this... and has no desire to talk about fact when asked about his baby sister he but when he was with her...oh my... you can see the love... and he already keeps a watchful eye on her as she gets passed around... i had 1 small piece of chocolate for him that was from his sister when he walked in... today i'm stopping to get a small toy from her to him... i'm hoping this will get him over the threshold... i just wish i could be there that first night when they all go my only real fear is that he is going to REALLY love her...uh, too much...if you know what i So far he won't kiss her...he will pat her, lay his head on her, hug her and yes, even hold her...but he just refuses to kiss her... luckily she seems to already have the common sense to clench her fist and knock him in the It was just too precious watching this whole interaction. Still brings tears to my eyes :)

And of course, this blog would not be complete, nor would any of you let me live it down, if i didn't post a couple pics :)

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