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What about all of this happiness writing?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Are you just like me? Do you find all of the writing about happiness rrequires you to do some kind of contrivance, and thus would likely feel kind of like a phony happiness or forced happiness? I don't know if I could really sit around each night with a gratitude journal, and really, genuinely feel more gratitude for my life. When I read this stuff, sometimes I wonder if the writer of the book or article has actually worked with the subject matter for his/her own life and seen benefits. Most of it seems theoretical, and maybe even not proven.

What do you think? Have you had good luck increasing your happiness as a result of reading and following these writings?
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    To answer your question, I discovered gratitude when I was told I could create my own reality....after realising it wasn't that easy, especially the finance side of it, I discovered gratitude....doing a daily gratitude list, even if you do it when you are still sleepy in the morning, works...just think about how your day was yesterday, then think what you liked about it, say "I am grateful for another beautiful sunrise/sunset" Grateful for the huge majestic trees I saw yesterday at....Grateful for the smile that check out lady gave me yesterday or the lovely person who took the time to help me....whatever happened....to you, be grateful for it, as things could be a lot worse....just read all those answers below mine!!
    I now find that, although I am financially challenged and in debt, stuff just comes to me, and my pantry/fridge is never completely empty....so who am I to complain?
    If you can make time to sit for 10 minutes in silence with closed eyes, and just listen, you just may hear your Higher self/Soul talking to you....you need to do this for a few days in a row to 'tune' in..though...Good luck
    Love & Light
    Sylvia xx

    emoticon emoticon emoticon .
    1859 days ago
    Living in a state of gratitude can make a great difference in morale...
    It was a fellow Sparker who suggested checking out Nick Vujicic on google.
    I did this, and I found information on Nick, a young man born without limbs...
    He lives a fulfilled life despite his "tetra-amelia syndrome"--- Such an amazing man!
    My blessings are often taken for granted. . .
    1860 days ago
    Hi Glenn,

    I agree with Woubbie. Practicing happiness does increase my inner peace. This is the most valuable experience I can give to myself I believe.

    I have found that asking myself the question: "how can I cultivate happiness in my life?" to be very productive. It does not involve glossing over the negative, but rather gives me an opportunity to look more deeply into them. It causes me to ask "How am I contributing to my own unhappiness?" This is a big question for me because it introduces my own accountability. Whatever else is happening in my life, I AM responsible for my choices, and these questions help remind me of that. It empowers me to make choices for happiness instead of the same old thing.
    1860 days ago
    For me, I use it as a form of positive self talk. Even if I'm in a dark place, I mostly post something positive to help me get out of the funk and give others encouragement.

    Very though provoking blog buddy.
    1865 days ago
    Interesting perspective. I recently participated in a "Happiness Survey" I think intended as research for what kinds of things/activities/behavior makes an individual happy. Some of the questions were downright nosy, imo. However, I stuck with it through the whole 3 weeks worth of 3 times a day being asked how I felt and what I was doing, etc.

    What I found out? If I am interrupted to be asked... I get grumpy! I am at my happiest when I'm not even thinking about whether I'm happy or not!
    1865 days ago
    I guess I feel that our lives are enlightened compared to some other places on this planet...i.e. Syria...and any war torn country or an impoverished one for lack of resources...hmmm... I guess I only need to look outside at the mountain that I see each day to know that life is free and fresh...I am also super busy,so I don't have a lot of time to reflect on negativity... hey we only have so much time on this green earth after all... but then again, I personally have not read too much on gratitude and happiness...Here's to cheering you up! emoticon
    1866 days ago
    Gratitude doesn't increase your happiness, I don't think, but it increases your inner peace, and that is better than happiness. Happiness is fleeting, peace is lasting.

    Acknowledging your gratitude is more of an awareness exercise. How many times do people come to realize that they took their good health for granted until it was gone? How often do we ignore important people in our lives, as if they'll always be with us, and then THEY'RE gone.

    I don't think these exercises are meant to stir up "phony" gratitude, just point out things that you're truly grateful for but often take for granted. To wit:

    ~ Nice sunrise!
    ~ I love my sons!
    ~ Hey, my back isn't stiff this morning!
    ~ My niece played her Druid on WoW and farmed Leatherworking Level 600, even though she got ganked and camped a bunch, thus enabling me to purchase the heirloom leggings for my new alt! (Yeah, video game jargon...)
    ~ I'm not hungry. Again. Still. I love you, Gary Taubes.
    ~ This house is a bit of a mess today, and I can't look at that ceiling in my bedroom without cringing, but I love this place. I mean, just look out the window at that view! And my dining room really makes me smile. Think I'll go there right now and pay some bills.
    ~ I have just enough money to pay the bills!
    1866 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/11/2013 11:34:16 AM
    Not sure that focusing on 'good' things makes me happier, but it does help me remember not *everything* is as rotten as the sad things that are forefront in my mind most of the time.

    1866 days ago
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