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Sore? I WAS ! THANKS Sparks ! Article HELPED !

Friday, May 10, 2013

For those of you who read my blogs regularly you know I live in chronic pain. This is nothing new to you. :) However, we are starting a new challenge on the 5% Challenge, so the new Puppies are not aware of this. So just let me say, that I was hit by an 18 wheeler in 92, 3 times, than hit the guardrail 2 times HARD ! this happened in CONN, while I lived in Maine, and was headed back home, with my best friends father following us. He "presumed" we were either dead, or seriously injured from this. We though "felt" that time, we were "so fortunate" in that we hadn't broken any bones (GO SUBARU's ) !!! but !!! OVER Time, we'd go futher and further downhill, with the 2 of us, from severe muscular damage, and neurological damage (as well as some brain damage for both us, though for my friend, it's leading to the end of her life soon,,,, I of course hate this,,,, as she's slowly dying). so yeah, it's greatly affected us both. Wish we had know it at that time, but time has a way of "marching on" and showing the truth.

So today,,,, in 2012 and has been going on since the accident, my muscular and neurological system has been greatly affected. the pain is terrible, but does this mean I am going to simply stay in bed and NOT TRY? NO WAY !!! Though I Usually use a wheelchair (At the moment, I am living in a place due to another situation beyond my control, or I'd be homeless) I do have it here, and even have STAIRS to climb, which is HORRENDOUS , but YET I DO them !!! WOOHOOOO !!! I feel COURAGOUS about this !!! though of course I do my BEST to not do it often each day. HUGE SMILE !!!!!!!!!

So night before last,,,,I was laying here in bed, aftah a day of some walking, (I DETEST Walking !! HURTS HORRIBLY and takes me DAYS to feel better IF I do ! Left foot can't ever feel well,,,, NOT complaining,,, just a "Statement" for others have it WAY WORTH !!!! I am MUCH more fortunate than many others, and I am THANKFUL For this ! Hence "Diane DOES SMILES !" I am doing ALL I can to make this work, til I get my own permanent place. WOOOHOOO ato athIS DAY 11 Well this night,,, so SORE From the walking,,, I was on SPARKS doing some work for the SUD team,, and on the front page was a video and article about "Foam Rollers" so I clicked on it cos MaryAnn(gi) had also told me how well they help her. I went thru the video with MUCH interest !!! WOW !!! I also read A LOT of the comments,,, and how about almost EVERYONE was saying "This helps out with ,,,,,,,, " in re: to their own body aches. I WAS HOOKED !!!!!

Than I clicked onto the excerises. For I was NOT going to buy something I knew NOTHING about ,,,and have it sit around collectin dust. How many of us have done THIS in the past????? I KNOW I HAD !!! And LEARNED to NOT do it. :) So as I went thru the exercises, I determined that I COULD DO MANY of them !11 WOOHOOOO ! AND That THEY WOULD HELP ME !!!

So today I went to Walmart where MaryAnn had said she got hers at a Good Price. I won't say what it costed, but it was Not expensive at ALL !! It ALSO comes with exercises wrapped around it,,, and a web site for more ,,,including video's. I haven't yet been to any of those,,,,for my left hip "WAS" VERY SORE,,,,and that WAS My Intentions for today,,, to get OUCHERS OUT !! next is to work along my spine IF able. For my spine is very crooked,,,, and quite disabled,,, with scolosis. We'll see. I bought the hard one,,,, MaryAnn is saying I need the soft one, but I LOVE the hard one along my hip,,,,,,so I may just stay with this one,,, depending on how it feels along my spine.

I HIGHLY recommend this if you ALSO suffer as I do. Its MUCH CHEAPER than a chiro AND Its available ANY TIME ! Just BECAREFUL and follow what it says. IF IN DOUBT GET PERMISSION From DR FIRST !!! Mine had in the past recommended a towel so I feel Ok to do this.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hi Diane,
    Glad to have you back in Maine. Hope you will be able to find a place of your own soon without any stairs. Let me know how the roller thing works. It sounds like what my grand daughter(the ballerina) uses for her hips when they are bothering her.
    Happy to be beginning another new 5% challenge. Need to get back in line again with my eating and exercising. emoticon
    1806 days ago
    I cannot begin to fathom what life with chronic pain is like. My mom suffered for many years before she passed in 2009. Just watching what she went through, I think it is awesome that you have such a great attitude and that you are finding some relief. My heart does ache for your friend as it is so very hard to watch someone you love approaching the end of her life. Blessings to you.

    1806 days ago
    I hope it helps Diane !
    1806 days ago
    I always see videos of people using them, but thought they were just some fad. Maybe they will help with the pain I frequently experience that prevents me from exercising regularly. I'll have to look into these. Thanks for the info!
    1806 days ago
    My heart aches for you as I also live with chronic pain from Lyme and Fibromyalgia, you have try anything that will take away some of the pain. I wish the best for you! I hope tomorrow will be a pain free day! emoticon
    1806 days ago
    Sounds awesome! Keep it up :)
    1806 days ago
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