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NSV: Improved Cholesterol from 174 to 132 and Sit Ups!

Friday, May 10, 2013

How 'bout this for a non-scale victory!

I'm 2 1/2 months into eating PALEO... and here are my lipid lab results
emoticon Triglycerides improved from 109 to 41
emoticon Cholesterol improved from 174 to 132
emoticon LDL improves from 116 to 87
emoticon Chol/LDL ratio improved from 4.24 to 3.5

AMAZING!! And lest you think I ate low fat... I did not.. I did eat healthy fats (coconut oil, avocado, etc.) and fats from pastured animals rather than grain fed animals... but my diet has been 40-50% daily calories from fat. Fat doesn't skeer me.. and fat doesn't make you fat... and my lab result speak for themselves.. I honestly didn't know what to expect but am pleasantly surprised.

Back in March, my coach wanted me to do a CrossFit sit up... here's what they look like

Here's the link to the video

The problem was I tried but at a certain point I would do somehting to my back that was just wrong and he said I needed to build up my strength and lose some weight before I could safely do the sit-up.. My coach has done a super job of sneaking in different and creative ways to work my abs without sit-ups (he so rocks!) .. so about 3 weeks ago after I'd passed the 35lbs lost mark, I started practicing at home (without Coaches knowledge)... first I tied a rope to the table and when I got to that "spot" I gently pulled on the rope just to get me past those 2 inches.. after a week of that I started using my dog to pull myself up

This is Rusty!

Finally, this week I was able to do 10 situps with no rope and no doggie assistance!! I was so excited to show my coach tonight!! Others can do a hundred - I can do 10.
Others can do them FAST - mine are pretty slow.
But I'm not competing with others... just with myself...

And I did 10 sit-ups!!!! Another non-scale victory for me!!

So, start where you are... quit comparing yourself to everyone else... and PUSH YOURSELF... you have no idea what you can accomplish... can't wait to report back when I hit 50 sit-ups! And it will happen... soon...

98 days until Africa
30lbs to go til my ZipLine goal..

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