Been drinking H2O

Friday, May 10, 2013

I've been drinking so much water I think I might be part fish!! emoticon

My mom called me around lunch time today to tell me my dad was in a 3 car accident. He was the first car, a driver rear ended a PT Cruiser which in turn rear ended into my dads truck. As a precaution I took him to ER, he is 78 and just finished up therapy for his back, so it was a wise choice. He is alright and obviously might be sore later tonight and for the next few days. The truck frame bent and he thinks it might have messed up the exhaust system.

We do believe this truck is worse off than originally thought, we think the rear end hit moved the engine and components under the hood forward and it makes funny sounds when he started it up. Oh well, it sits till the insurance adjuster comes and looks at it, if it is unfixable he will be needing another truck.

Just glad he is fine, my mom took it really hard as she probably remembered when she was rear ended, that was one horrible day for sure.
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