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Friday, May 10, 2013

SO I wake up after a very busy day a work yesterday followed by a very cardio day at home, exhausted,, with the mentality of "Just get through tomorrow ...
I was so tired last night that I do not even remember putting my head on the pillow!! I am serious.
I have fainted with more memory than that!! I actually woke up at 12:30 am with my head half on the pillow, my feet hanging over the side of the bed! I did not even grab the covers or anything!!

When I next woke up at 4:15am, all was well,, back to sleep.. Fifteen minutes later, the train going by, woke me up, THANK GOD!!
The power went out in the surrounding area, thousands of people without power.. for four hours.. BUT, my workplace had power,, natch..

I woke so early, but could not take my BP, used flashlights to bump around in the house..
no opening the fridge or anything so i just washed up in the dark, no BS testing or eating. hen disengaged my automatic garage door opener, hoisted it up, drove down very dark streets, no traffic lights for about forty miles.. nothing,, North of us is rural farm country, but to see black everywhere and to tread lightly, hoping no yahoo decided to pull out in front o f me on the main drag (U.S 23 north).
We were so busy at work, my boss wanted me to start work an hour early,, I went there early so I would not fall asleep at home.

Turns out our workplace was the only place within miles with any power!! Even the hospital and police departments!

For the next eight hours, I never stopped .. I took my pulse after a half hour there, and it was 120!! I did get a break finally after eleven, but it was along time between four when I awoke and that break!

I am so physically exhausted, I told DD I will not leave the house for anything short of a house fire..
I actually had my heart rate above 100 for eight hours straight!! Way beyond my 10,000 steps and lost enough water in perspiration that I drank four twenty ounce glasses of water, an apple, oatmeal, two cheese sticks, and a 60 calorie carb wise yogurt, then two cans of pop, and a blueberry smoothie and a 24 ounce jasmine tea and only went to the restroom once in all that time!! I am home, guzzling water like a desert crosser and feeling much better,, MY body temp went down also..

Tomorrow is another day, I am glad this morning is a part of history,,,
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