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Friday, May 10, 2013

Well, my moderation experiment yesterday turned out not to be with cookies. Instead, I tried a "moderation day" out at the ball park with my son for his class field trip. I decided I would experiment with just eating what I wanted - not bingeing, but not censoring. Breakfast was from Panera - a french toast bagel with honey walnut cream cheese and a cafe mocha. Lunch was nachos with a side of cheese sauce and chili at the ball park. I also had 4 cinnamon sugar pretzel sticks later with buttercream frosting. On the way home I wanted a pick-me-up so I swung through McD's and got a medium plain iced coffee. Dinner was at home, fish taco salad. Later in the evening I had 2 Milano cookies, 4 squares of a Lindt white chocolate and coconut bar and 2 squares of a dark chocolate bar with orange.

I didn't feel stuffed at any part of the day, though started to feel a little overly full with the pretzels so stopped at that point. I put everything in my points tracker this morning and it was definitely high...around 2500 calories. I felt pretty good about the day overall, though. Obviously I couldn't do this every day and expect to lose weight, but I think I could have a moderation day once a week and still lose, just as long as 1) it didn't turn into a binge, and 2) it was limited to one day only. Also, there are ways I could have fairly painlessly cut back the calories looking back...I could have ordered a nonfat latte instead of the mocha and saved about 250 calories, skipped the pretzels and saved about 300 calories, and had only the white chocolate squares (which is what I really wanted) and saved 175 calories. I don't think I would have missed any of those things particualrly, and my day would have clocked in at around 1700-1800 calories...a maintenance range for me.

I realized yesterday that when I started my bcp pack this past month it was delayed by close to a week because I didn't fill it on time (no fear of pg, DH is snipped). It's possible that threw off my hormones and contributed to my struggles with food over the past week or so. In light of that, I will be sure to start this next pack on time! It does make me feel better to think that could have caused some of my issues.

Another thing I realized this week was how critical it is to have a goal I am working towards - outside of "I wanna look good" - to keep me on track with food. In the past I have used running in that way, training for races. If I want to stick to my training schedule so I am prepared for race day I need to eat the right foods, otherwise I won't feel like working out and I might skip a workout and then I won't get to feel awesome about my dedication and knowing I did my best to prepare for race morning. Thoughts like that help me embrace making good choices because they get me closer to my goal, and making bad choices becomes unattractive to me, for the most part. In other words, I need to find something that makes me feel good about myself NOW, not something that will make me feel good about myself a year down the road (looking good), if I am going to stay motivated for that length of time. Otherwise the reward of feeling good about myself is too far removed to keep me from succumbing to the temptation of the immediate reward of food.
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    yes I think a moderation day just every now and them makes life feel Bearable and that you can live in the moment and still be on track ! As far as a goal for now to aim for why not with the eating ? say you set a goal of only one treat per day or per week or that you will aim for exercise 4 or 5 days of the week ? Then also assign a reward if you do it 4 weeks in a row ? maybe some new workout pants ? or whatever ?

    just sayin

    2926 days ago
  • TWALKER0475
    Actually, the "fish taco salad" I mentioned consisted of broccoli slaw I made with a homemade greek yogurt dressing and I topped it with fresh cod that I baked in my oven, seasoned with paprika, garlic and chile powder...a recipe I got out of the latest Clean Eating magazine. So no, it was not at all processed but quite clean and fresh without preservatives.

    Yes, the foods I ate at the ballpark were not healthy, but that was the whole point of my blog. For me, this journey is about learning balance. I struggle with labeling foods good and bad, I struggle with bingeing. The "all-or-nothing" approach doesn't work for me in the long run, so I am working on eating clean, whole foods most of the time but being ok with having an unhealthy treat on occasion and not feeling too uptight or guilty about it. Aka, moderation...that is what spark is all about.

    2927 days ago
    Great job not overeating although it was mostly heavily processed food with little fiber or whole grains. The fact that you called it "fish taco salad" without the specific type of fish suggests that even the food you said was "at home" was processed. Sorry for being so detailed but then you were detailed to start (and on your spark page) so I'm hoping you don't mind this level of commentary!

    Of course, it's no big deal once in a while. So ignore my nitpicking :-) and keep up the good work!
    2929 days ago
    You know, that is a great thing you did. First, you ate whatever you wanted and tried to keep it low, and though you came over your calorie range, you also identified a few ways that you could have had the same day and saved yourself enough calories to fit in your maintenance range. That is freaking fantastic! Great choices, great blog.
    2930 days ago
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