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Who's the Guy with the gun to your head?

Friday, May 10, 2013

There is a scene in the movie Blazing Saddles, where Cleavon Little (Bart, the sheriff) points a gun to his own head and says "Don't move or I'll shoot" (or words to the effect), and it was so ridiculous that the audience roared with laughter at the absurdity of it. Yet we do it to ourselves all the time.

I don't care how delicious, beautiful, desirable a food is, it can't make you fat unless you eat it. No one is holding us down, forcing us to eat it. Advertising may make it look wonderful, but is it really to blame? Are we so helpless in the face of anything that looks good? Just because a perfect dress/pair of shoes/sofa is sitting there, do we have to buy it or steal it? No, there is a thought process. The more expensive something is, the longer we think it over. But with food, it's the LITTLE stuff that gets us. Just because I want it/need it, doesn't mean I have to have it. Affordability is more than money.

We put that gun to our own heads, then look for someone else to blame: the food industry, the advertisers, the restaurant. In the end, though, it isn't anyone but the one doing the eating, and you need a mirror to find the culprit. If we can stop looking for someone to blame, and shift all that energy into doing what we always say we want to do, we succeed no matter how "cravable" the food or how big the advertising budget.
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