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Friday Assortment

Friday, May 10, 2013

A police officer pulled over a driver for speeding. As the cop wrote the ticket, he noticed the driver had several machetes in his backseat. Suspicious, he asked, “What are those for?”
“I’m a juggler,” the driver replied. “I use them in my act.”
Not sure whether to believe the man, the cop said, “Show me.”
So the man got out the machetes and began juggling them one at a time until he was juggling four machetes at once, amazing the police officer with his skill.
Just then, another car drove by. The driver saw the juggling demonstration and did a double take. He said to his wife, “That’s it, honey. I’ve got to give up drinking! Just look at the sobriety test they’re giving people now!”
Why are cashew nuts generally not sold raw or in their shells?

The shell of the cashew nut contains urushiol, the same painful skin irritant that’s in poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. Because the raw nut isn’t safe to eat if it has come into contact with the shell, it is generally steamed or boiled at a high temperature to destroy the urushiol.

(Yuck-just imagine if you were itchy inside your body instead of outside like with poison ivy)
House (2004–2012)

In 2003, TV writer Paul Attanasio was reading Dr. Lisa Sanders’s diagnostic-medicine column in The New York Times Magazine. That sparked an idea for a CSI-style show about a team of doctors who solves impossible-to-diagnose medical cases. Fox executives liked the idea, and brought in producer David Shore—it was his idea to center the show around an irreverent genius who walks with a cane. Inspired by one of Shore’s favorite characters, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Gregory House is addicted to drugs and has difficulty relating to other people. To cast the lead, Shore and his partner, Bryan Singer, looked at Denis Leary, Rob Morrow, and several British actors. None of them worked. Then Singer received an audition tape from Hugh Laurie. He was dirty and unshaven, and had an acerbic wit. “Now that’s a real American,” beamed Singer, unaware that Laurie was a British actor. Laurie took the role of Dr. House.
Courteney Cox was the only cast member of Friends never to earn an Emmy nomination.
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