Day 501 - M

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Introducing our very own Murphy!!!

Everything went well, Mom & baby are fine & happy. We're all relieved to have Murphy in the here and now so we can all enjoy him. What a big day this was!!

Somehow, someway, I did get the cardio done & the big hill too. Mileage: 9.48 miles. No ST today.

I did talk DH into taking time away from his job to go to the hospital for Murphy's birth. Told him it was a once in a lifetime thing that he really shouldn't miss. Whaddya know....he listened to me, did go and he was so glad he did. I was glad he went too and DS, Jared was REALLY glad DH was there.

it was a great day and I'm so glad I was still able to get in the cardio in light of everything else that was going on!! Oh....DS & DH wanted to eat lunch @ Qdoba Grill. I couldn't believe how much food they were served. Just heaping amounts! I didn't eat a thing - just had an unsweetened iced tea. I wasn't about to blow it over lunch. Really, nothing there remotely appealed to me one bit. Didn't look like there was a single healthy thing on the menu. I was glad I passed. It's getting easier and easier to sit & talk to people over an iced tea at a restaurant while THEY eat. At first it seemed like the socially acceptable thing to do was to at least eat something while others were eating....but now....I'm over it. I don't care and am not about to eat food that I don't feel comfortable with, or food I don't even like just for the sake of being polite. I don't think they mind as long as I have an iced tea. It's a win-win for everyone.

A big thanks for stopping by today if you had time. Hope your Thursday was great!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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