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Beach walking

Thursday, May 09, 2013

I've been participating in a Get Fit challenge with several coworkers for the last month, and while it's been good to experience different types of exercise and learn how to better monitor my food intake, I'm starting to get bored with the program. No big surprise there; except for hoop dancing, every form of exercise I've ever tried has become monotonous after a while. Same with eating programs - sooner or later, I get tired of eating healthy.

So today, I determined to eat properly. I also decided to get back to exercise basics and went for a walk on the beach.

After a weight workout and a supper of chicken and veggies, I hit the local beach around sunset. Armed with a bottle of water, my pedometer and camera, I went on a treasure hunt. My goals: a) to walk a mile; and b) to shoot some photos I haven't taken before.

Since I was looking for photo ops, I didn't do my usual fast walk. I meandered, walking out on sand bars exposed by the ebbing tide, stalking gulls and least terns, listening to the click of my foot-mounted pedometer as I ambled along. The sunset was unremarkable, but I found several other things worth photographing, many of which required me to bend over or squat down to get the right angle with the camera.

Results: I got the mile plus a little, had the most relaxing "exercise" session I've enjoyed in a while, and took some cool shots. Here's one for you:
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