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The backwash of a long week

Thursday, May 09, 2013

I'm counting from last Wednesday, when my boss dropped that little bomb about my paycheck.

I paid my rent with late fee on Monday. Last night I came home to find a notice from the landlord on my door that I'm still short $151 and that if I don't pay up by Friday they're throwing me out. I called them this morning and said, "I don't think so!" The office person I talked to (who is a doll -- she's the best there) said she had no idea what they were looking at because not only am I paid up, I actually have a small credit balance with them! I wish they'd post an apology as prominently as they did that bogus notice. I mean, they COULD have double-checked before embarrassing me by sticking it up for everyone to see.

My boss said we need to check my paycheck next week to be sure the fixes for my time off got added. All I can say is, they better have! I need to buy a new bed, folks. But you know what? I might wait a couple of weeks for the holiday weekend. That way I can take advantage of the Memorial Day Sale the mattress store will almost certainly have. This is not wishful thinking -- I'm always surprised when they don't have a Groundhog Day Sale, since they have sales for just about every other occasion.

My retiring co-worker's last day is tomorrow. I feel bad for her -- her daughter is giving her a really bad time. My reaction? Oh, grow up. Her daughter is fifty, for crying out loud. She doesn't need to cling to Mommy. Time for daughter to put on the big girl panties. If she was my mother I'd shed a few tears and give her a red negligee as a travel gift!

Time to unwind. I'm watching Chopped and getting ready to cook dinner -- baked chicken, baked potato and sauteed greens with bacon and shallot.

One more day to the weekend...
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    i adore chopped and loved the chopped champions for sure..i fine it totally amzing people can make stuff (edible stuff) out of those baskets for sure lol
    glad things are coming along my friend
    the lady mary
    1862 days ago
    I'm really happy that this situation is working itself out in the end. Hang in there!

    1862 days ago
    Hope things go well for you. Enjoy your weekend.
    1864 days ago
    Ugh. Sending virtual hugs, good vibes, et al your way in hopes things do turn around. I hope you have something nice planned for yourself this weekend. It sounds like you need it.

    I've heard good things about IKEA mattresses, if you happen to have one close to you. Sams and Costco also often have quality ones on sale that may beat the Mattress Warehouse Memorial Day sale.

    Good luck!
    1866 days ago
  • MISSG180
    Chopped is a great way to relax.
    1866 days ago
  • LIS193
    Hope you find a great mattress in the Memorial Day sale!
    Have a great weekend.
    1866 days ago
    Shouda, coulda, woulda. Don't hold your breath waiting for the apology.
    1866 days ago
    DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH WAITING FOR A BIG NOTICE TO BE PLACED ON YOUR DOOR! It's just like a "retraction" in a newspaper. The WRONG info is BOLD HEADLINES but the 'retraction" lands (in very SMALL PRINT) somewhere near the classifieds!
    Don't worry about it! YOU KNOW THE TRUTH, & THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS! mean you don't have BIG SALES on St. SWITHENS day? LOL emoticon
    These SALE DAYS are getting a little OUT OF HAND! How about the displays of Valentine's Day candy that appear on store shelves on DEC. 26????? emoticon
    Sheer MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    s like the 50 yr old daughter needs some LIFE LESSONS!
    1866 days ago
    Good grief! They SHOULD post a public apology . . . that's terrible! What can you say. Ridiculous.

    I surely agree with you about your friend's Dd. If she's 50, it DEFINITELY is time to travel on! Good heavens.

    HUGS and glad you enjoyed CHOPPED last night. Some of the combinations they put into the baskets are amazing. English Muffins, brie cheese, frozen cranberries and rutabaga. Good grief! Both competitors ended up making french toast with the English Muffins. Never woulda though of that.

    1866 days ago
    It's only hours away from the weekend. Hope ours is as wonderful as you are!
    1866 days ago
    I'm glad you're able to unwind....have a happy weekend emoticon
    1866 days ago
    I agree they need to post something for people to see apologizing for Their mistake. I am so glad things are getting worked out for you. I hope you have great plans for a happy weekend. You have had some majorly tough decisions to make about your DS and that alone was stress enough. Now its time for the Good stuff to happen, as hopefully this cycle of bad things happening to a good woman is over. Is Bobby on this weekend? emoticon
    IKacey co-leader of the Chair Exercise Team
    1866 days ago
    Tough week hun, enjoy your weekend emoticon
    1866 days ago
    You had a rough week, it's time to enjoy your weekend. That is crazy that they seem to like bullying their tenants.
    1866 days ago
    First off - when do you want me to come to dinner? I'd love some of that good food and watch Chopped too!

    Glad things are getting worked out. What a week, huh? They should put a huge banner over your door that says "my bad!" Seriously!

    Sorry to hear about your friend and her daughter. Sometimes it hard to deal with loved ones.

    Hope you week gets even better - remember - tomorrow is Friday!

    1866 days ago
    I'm with you on the apology-they certainly owe you one, and a very prominent one, at that!

    I can understand why you're looking forward to your weekend. I hope it's lovely!
    1866 days ago
  • BEFIT018
    I agree with you about the apology--if they can make public about 'throwing you out' then they can darn well post a public apology! I'm sorry you had to go through that!
    1866 days ago
    have a great weekend!
    1866 days ago
    I am so with you on one more day to the weekend. I think your landlord owes you one big apology.
    1866 days ago
    I feel for you.What a rough week! Wish I could take you to lunch!
    1866 days ago
  • SPARKLE1908
    Have a relaxing evening!!!!!! Dinner sounds delish!!!
    1866 days ago
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