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Thursday, May 09, 2013

I am doing the C25K program. i will complete the first week tomorrow. i am going to be 47 in June. It's very hard for me to lose weight due to my under-performing thryroid. i am in that controversial range that some say should be medicated and some drs say not. the drs here think i don't need meds. it will take how ever long it takes, i guess. it's extra hard because my hubby's thyoid is just the opposite. it seems like one day he says he is going to try and lose weight and a couple of weeks later he has already lost it. i have wanted to start running for a while and i think that i'll really enjoy it when i finish this program. i need to challenge my body more. my dad passed away in his sleep at 66 5 yrs ago. he didn't have anything wrong with him that we know of. he had moderately high blood pressure for a few yrs. i want to make sure that i don't have that happen to me. i have 4 kids and the oldest is 23 but the youngest is only 11 so i need to stick around for a long time to enjoy them and any grandbabies. i'll write about our adventures purchasing an Amish farm in the next blog.
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