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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Yes, the mouse with the boxing attire does mean something! I’m taking up boxing. I’ve always enjoyed hitting the punching bag, but I really want to learn the “sport” of boxing. Not just beat the hairy heck out of a bag until my hand hurt. Hubby wants me to learn “Chinese boxing” which is “more effective”. So I’m off to find training tapes, uh DVD’s. I’m open to suggestions.

Why boxing? Part of it is growing up watching some of the greats. Ali, Foreman, Sugar Ray – I knew who they were. When they fought and we could watch it on TV, it was a HUGE deal. Bigger than the Superbowl! And everyone was in to it, from my Grandpa to my mother, my great aunts and cousins – the whole extended family would get together to watch the Fight.

But there is something more to boxing to me than maybe having some fun while getting fit and a sense of nostalgia. See, boxing is also says a lot about how I want to live my life. When the bell rings, boxers give it everything they have and take whatever comes their way. Boxers take rest when it’s offered, they count on that time between the rounds to regroup and re-strategize. Boxers have help, there are “people in your corner” that help and support you. Boxers get knock down, but they used everything to get back up, sometimes by sheer force of will! And when a good boxer looses, they know it is just one fight, one moment and they can choose to come back stronger than ever.

I know they were tacky, but do you remember the Rocky movies? Stupid or not we went crazy in Rocky II when he beat Apollo Creed. Yup, Rocky II – for you youngin’ Rocky LOST in the first movie. But he made it to the end of the fight. He accomplished something even in losing, because he did something that he was told he could do. So the hero lost and was still a hero. Wow, how about applying some of this to our lives?!?!

So running will be my road work and hopefully boxing will get me going in other areas. I’ll probably never find someone to spare with but I can whip the s&!+ out of some punching bags. Guess who’s getting pick gloves for mother’s day?!?
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