RE: Things Are Slightly, Getting Better - PT2

Thursday, May 09, 2013

RE: Things are slightly, getting better pt2, since i last came, Online or so, i thought !!!!, last Friday 03/05/2013, i went over, & spent the, whole day with, my Mum (Mary).

The whole day, being from 9.20am, - 5.20pm &, i got the, Bus back in2, Town i then, got another Bus, back to Broad, Street (around the corner), from where i, have lived almost, (10 years as, of 23/11/2013) which, is this year.

I checked my, Post & found, out that the, bloody JobCentre had, only sent me, out another bloody, Tribunal Form (, they had only, gone & lost, !!!! lost my, original Tribunal Form, !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!,) the bloody idiots, i was fuming, i turned the, air BLUE !!!!, with various swear, words which i, cannot repeat on, this page but, i bet you, can all guess, wot they were.

The 1st thing, that i did, was to text, Mum & let, her know what, had happened she, was fuming !!!!, she then told, my Sister (Helen), who was fuming, !!!! 2 this, now means that, my Tribunal will, now be put, back to November, /December time, this year 2013, !!!! !!!! !!!!. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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