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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd post some food prices from over here in Australia to get a comparison with yours.

Carrots 1 kg 98cents
Pink Lady Apples $5.48 kg
Mandarin $3.38 kg
One dozen eggs size 700 gm pack $3.99
Macleans Toothpaste 170gms $2.19--not a food item although the kids do seem to 'eat it' lol...
cucumber $2.48
Cherry Tomatoes 250 gms $2.98
Almonds 750 gms $11.98
White sugar 3kgs $3.99
Chicken breasts no skin Large $5 each

Also Food wise a quick recipe

Fruit Slice

1 and 3/4 cups of diced apple raw and peeled (or not)
1 cup raw sugar
125 gms butter melted
1 egg

1 1/2 cups self raising flour
1 teaspoon Baking soda
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp mixed spice
1/2 cup sultanas

(Note DH can't have spices so just to let you know it tastes just as good without if you want to leave them out)

Sprinkle the sugar over the diced apples, add the melted butter and egg, stir together. Then add sifted dry ingredients, stir well.

Press into Slice/ sheet tin and bake 40 mins 180 deg oven (depending on oven). It will rise up.

When cool sprinkle with icing sugar and cut. I make it 111 calories if there are 12 pieces and 23 gms Carbs.

I freeze it and it comes out great.

Hope you like it.

Let me know some of your food prices as I'm sure they are so much cheaper than ours.


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WOW prices are kooky every where
    I only buy produce on sale carrot are usually .69- .99 a pound here
    Gas was $ 3,42 when I filled up last week once two days before it was $3.29 a gallon jerks LOL
    Apples are usually between .99 -$1, 60 per pound
    Tooth paste also varies by brand we usually pay around $2.oo for a large tube of arm and hammer
    I do not buy sugar or chicken or the often enough to know the prices .
    We have around 100 chickens so sell eggs to the locals for $2.50 a dozen

    1807 days ago
    LOL In Hawaii pretty much double everything you have posted lol
    1808 days ago
    Central California prices (at least the ones my bachelor brain can remember):
    Milk 3.49 / gallon (2.99 / gallon if you buy 2)
    Eggs, large 2.49 / dozen
    bananas .98 / lb
    grocery store bakery choc. chip cookies 5.00 / 50 cookies (yes, 50 cookies!)
    gas 3.59 / gallon
    1808 days ago
    It's it amazing how prices can be so drastically different. Thanks for giving us insight to Australian prices.

    I live in the US midwest, Illinois specifically. We pay about $2.50 for a gallon of milk. We spent 10 days in Alabama a few weeks ago and had to pay $5 for a gallon. We were shocked!!

    As far as eggs, we get them from a local farm and gladly pay $2 per dozen. Nothing like a farm fresh egg!!

    1809 days ago
    Thanks for posting. I get eggs from the Amish for $1.50 a dozen. I think that is pretty good for farm fresh eggs. emoticon
    1809 days ago
    Interesting! It is a good thing I grow a lot of my own food!
    1809 days ago
    This typical metrically challenged American had to actually do a conversion.

    Wow, you have cheap carrots!
    At 2.2 lbs per kg, that's 45 cents a pound. I pay 3 times as much!
    My eggs are cheaper - $1.79 per dozen (large)

    Gas here in Virginia is $3.15 per gallon right now. Last year in Europe I remember it being around $8.00 for a US gallon equivalent. Of course, the car we had there got better gas mileage.

    Interesting to see the international perspective.
    1809 days ago
    Thanks so much for doing the comparison and copying and pasting it to save me looking up and down:). emoticon
    1809 days ago
    Here's our Canadian price comparison.

    Carrots 1 kg 98cents (Here $1.98)
    Pink Lady Apples $5.48 kg (Here $1.98 for McIntosh or Red Delicious)
    One dozen eggs size 700 gm pack $3.99 (Same)
    Macleans Toothpaste 170gms $2.19--not a food item although the kids do seem to 'eat it' lol... (Same for Crest or Colgate brand)
    cucumber $2.48 (Here 3-pack for $2.99)
    Cherry Tomatoes 250 gms $2.98 (Same)
    Almonds 750 gms $11.98 (Not sure on our exact price but it's fairly close)
    White sugar 3kgs $3.99 (10 kg is $14.99)
    Chicken breasts no skin Large $5 each (I buy ours in bulk so it approx $30.00 for 5kg)

    And our gas is 110.9/litre right now.
    1809 days ago
    Hi DH says its $5.20 per US gallon which is 4 litres here. $1.30 a litre but it goes up on Thursdays each week a bit higher. Full tank would be 40 litres!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1809 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/9/2013 3:46:43 AM
    Yikes! You are so much more expensive than we are here in the U.S. I had to check the conversion for pounds & ounces though. I have heard OZ is more expensive! How much is gasoline over there? We are $3.43 a gallon. Don't know how you measure gas, by litre...if so that equals 3.79 litre.
    That recipe sounds good! Kind of like my apple crisp recipe! emoticon

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Have a great day! Keep sparking! emoticon
    1809 days ago
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