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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Getting right back into it today! One day of indulgences COULD set me off track and make things difficult for days .... OR, it could be left at one day, and I could be incredibly productive and healthy today. In the past, I'd let my anxiety and my all-or-nothing thinking seep in to make me think I'm a failure... I'd get depressed, hyper-focused on the negative, and I'd lose hope, and end up binge eating. But, that's the old me.

All that matters is today. I will never be perfect, and I am not a failure for last night. I am striving for progress, not perfection. I want to be better than I was yesterday, and I have been for the vast majority of the past month (like, 28 out of 30 days). I've been making amazing progress toward my health and weight goals, and I need to keep all of this in perspective. I refuse to feel guilt, shame, or any other negative emotions because of my slip-up. I am doing fantastic, and it's only going to get better!

SO, this is my plan to get back on track with healthy choices today:
1. Nutrition - Juicing for breakfast. Lean green salad with grilled chicken and avocado for lunch. Broiled fish and lots of steamed veggies for dinner. If I get hungry between meals, I'll have some nuts.
2. Gym - it always makes me feel accomplished to get some ST done... love that soreness that means I'm getting stronger. After that, I'll get on the elliptical for a bit.
3. Positivity - I'm forgiving myself and dismissing my negative thought patterns. I love my body. I love my shape. I love who I am. It took me a long time to be okay with my body and the shape and size I have now, but I love it. It carries me through this life, and it is the only body I will ever have; and if I choose to change it, I can -- I have that power.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are."
--Kurt Cobain
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