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So, is my doctor wrong?

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I don't think I have PCOS. My doctor said, "she had no doubt" I have it. I have every doubt.

I have low blood pressure. My weight gain has spread evenly throughout my entire body (not just around the abdomen). I don't have male-pattern baldness or thinning hair. I don't have breathing problems when I sleep. I don't have unwanted hair growth. I did have bad acne for about a decade, but it's healed in the past year (without medical intervention).

I've been off birth control for 2 cycles so far. I've been charting using the natural family planning method. I was comparing my chart to a "healthy" woman's chart and a woman with PCOS's chart. Mine have looked like the healthy woman's chart. I'm showing all of the signs of text book ovulation.

Maybe 2 cycles is speaking too soon. I don't know.

I'm waiting to get my blood test results of my testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. I have a suspicion they're all going to come back normal.

She never checked to see if there are cysts on my ovaries- she said it wouldn't be worth the money or time.

I also don't think I'm insulin resistant. I've never gotten checked for anything beyond my fasting glucose and glucose tolerance. Both came back as spot on normal. She said it wouldn't be worth the money to take an insulin tolerance test because she was so sure I was insulin resistant. I started taking Metformin about a week ago. I just don't think I'm going to see any results from it.

I've been eating low carb for over 12 weeks now. (Original Atkins induction plan, no fake sugar, exercise, whole foods, etc.) I'm not seeing any results. I think this goes much deeper.

I'm no doctor, and I'm going to defer to the experts. I just have a feeling this is the wrong diagnosis.
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    If your fasting glucose and glucose tolerance are normal, why does she think you're insulin resistant? Did she do an A1c?

    It sounds like your doctor made a diagnosis and doesn't want to be disturbed by the facts.
    1867 days ago
    Sometimes we know more about what is wrong with us than the doctors do. Go with your gut instincts and get a different doctor to check things out for you if this doctor doesn't want to cooperate...
    1869 days ago
    Hi, AuntWillie! Chatting with my husband (in medical school) and doing research on my own, I'm fairly convinced that my inability to lose is attributed to a hormonal imbalance.

    I don't believe it's as simple as pointing to testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. I think it's something deeper and less common. If I was presenting symptoms that were commonly found in women suffering from PCOS, I wouldn't be so surprised by my lack of results. However, now that I'm being made aware of my cycle, I just don't think she diagnosed me accurately.

    My husband is meeting with a professor of his tomorrow. He teaches in the biochemistry department and specializes in metabolism and hormones. This person is not a medical doctor, but does have his PhD. Hopefully, this conversation will spark an idea or result in a referral.

    I'm going to fervently continue to search for my answer. I work too hard to give up.

    Maybe I'm dead wrong. Maybe it is just PCOS. Maybe the Metformin will begin to work and all my problems will be solved. Let's hope I'm wrong!

    It would have been an exercise of futility to spend all of this time, money, and energy on the diet, supplements, and medications she's prescribed. I've spend hundreds of dollars or the supplements alone! And the Metformin is a nightmare. The side effects are atrocious. I'd hate to think all of this effort was an exercise in futility.

    Fingers crossed, as always, somebody figures it out.
    1869 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/8/2013 2:55:37 PM
    Do you have a secret suspicion? What do you think it might be?

    1869 days ago
    Hi NeelIxnes, she checked my thyroid (TSH, Free T3 and T4). They were all normal, but not optimal. I'm on Armour Thyroid (30 mg 2 times a day for a total of 60 mg a day).

    She just did blood work to check my testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. I haven't gotten the results back yet.

    Thanks for the support.
    1869 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/8/2013 1:26:11 PM
    Is she checking your thyroid as well as the hormones for PCOS? If you aren't seeing results on a low carb diet, I would imagine there is more going on than PCOS w/IR (if it even is that). Hang in there and just keep asking questions when things don't feel right to you.
    1869 days ago
    Hi Woubbie. She's an OBGYN who has recently begun a weight loss clinic. She is not officially an endocrinologist, but she does function as one. She admitted she was fairly new to this, and that it would be a learning experience for the both of us. This is what's bad about her.

    What's good about her- She believes me (that I'm not lying to her) and is open minded.

    She also deals with bioidentical hormone replacement.

    I'll give the Metformin a tried and true turn. I'll wait a full month at full dose and see if anything happens. If not, I'm definitely on to the next doctor.

    I just don't think I have PCOS. Hopefully my blood work will be back soon and I'll have some more incite into whether or not I have it.

    If I don't have PCOS I probably don't have insulin resistance. I'm definitely not diabetic. Insulin resistance is extremely rare if not falling under the PCOS umbrella or the diabetes umbrella.
    1869 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/8/2013 11:24:30 AM
    Is your doctor an endocrinologist? If not, maybe you could arrange to see one. Your problems sound like they couldn't be caused by anything BUT a hormonal disorder of some kind, and if you don't really have the symptoms of PCOS then you probably need to look in another direction.
    1869 days ago
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