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So What's the Plan for May - another (long) LB/RB conversation

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

emoticonLeftBrainSchoolMarm Well, good morning. That was pretty cool, weighing in at goal yesterday, wasn't it?

emoticonRightBrainWildChild Whew. Yeah. It was a close one.

emoticonLB No it wasn't. We were right on goal

emoticonRB Yeah - almost didn't make it.

emoticonLB No. We had 2 lbs of wiggle room that we didn't need

emoticonRB sure didn't feel that way. It felt like we had gotten Fat Fat Fat again.

emoticonLB I don't see why. We had actually dropped a pound and a half since Graves Mt. The numbers looked good

emoticonRB I don't know about numbers. I just know how I felt.

emoticonLB Oh. I see. So how do you feel today?

emoticonRB I feel like I'm sick of trying to lose weight. I want to quit.

emoticonLB WHAT?! what was all that about being 143 and losing it by June 14 and all that stuff you said last month?

emoticonRB I don't know about what I said. I'm the FEELING part of us. You're supposed to keep track of what we SAY.

emoticonLB Harumph. So now you want to quit on me already, huh?

emoticonRB I don't know what I want. I only know that I'm tired of worrying about What If I Gain Weight Again.

emoticonLB I understand that. It is scary. But I thought you'd feel safe at 143

emoticonRB I'm not sure we can even GET to 143. I don't even know how to feel safe at 150.

emoticonLB I wish you wouldn't obessess about numbers.

emoticonRB Can't help it. I'm the feeler in this relationship. I'm scared. and tired. and I want to eat ice cream.

emoticonLB I'm sorry you're scared. (reaching out) Here's a hug. And you know - we can eat ice cream.

emoticonRB (Snuggling) Yeah but I I don't want the low fat raspberry stuff. I wanted that Klondike Heath Bar and you only let me eat 1/4 of one.

emoticonLB Ahhh. You're still angry about that. But aren't you glad now? and even though it was good - it was awfully rich. don't you think it would have made us sick in our tummy?

emoticonRB Oh. Yeah. I remember. I did sort of feel funny in my tummy.

emoticonLB And I bet you're glad you didn't throw up or anything.

emoticonRB Yeah. I am glad.

emoticonLB but you know ... I think we should have sat down and really S A V O R E D that ice cream. Really made it a .... a PARTY. Then maybe you wouldn't have felt so ... sort of cheated.

emoticonRB OH! You understand! See, I knew you'd stop me. I knew I had to eat fast if I was going to eat any of it. So I gobbled up that ice cream so fast I didn't even feel like I had any fun with it.

emoticonLB I'm sorry. Not sorry we stopped eating that ice cream when we did - but sorry we didn't have any fun with it. The truth is, we can eat a 'treat' now and then - and still reach 143 lbs. and we don't have to reach 143 right now. We just have to be honest about what we're trying to achieve. So, how about we choose one day and that will be the day we have the SuperDecadentRich'n'Creamy treat? And we'll put it on the good china - like Aunt Mimi's Wedgwood desert plate. And get out the McLean silver spoon and use that. And all the rest of it.

emoticonRB (eye's wide and round) Ooooooooo Yeah

emoticonLB (smiling) Yeah. That does sound like fun, doesn't it?

emoticonRB Yeah. I'd love that.

emoticonLB And you could pick a different day each week if you want. We'll decide each Tuesday after weigh-in and then we'll have something to look forward to. I know you like the feeling of anticipation.

emoticonRB (grinning) I sure do.

emoticonLB So - let's get back to the question of whether we're At Goal or still Losing Weight? How do you feel now?

emoticonRB hmmm. I'm still unsure.

emoticonLB Dig deep. And remember - this is just a plan. A plan is like a map. We can use a different map and still get where we want to go. but you have to be honest about where you want to go.

emoticonRB Hmmmm. Well, see. When I look in the mirror with clothes on I'm so HAPPY. I LOVE how we look. I could dance all over the world. But when I look in the mirror without clothes on I am not so happy. I don't hate how we look, but I'm not HAPPY either. I'm just a little frustrated by the extra flesh.

emoticonLB You know - we're 60 now. We're going to have to be careful about our face getting even wrinklier if we get too thin.

emoticonRB I'm not talking about a teen age body. I just wish we weren't so fleshy on the front.

emoticonLB So do you want to keep losing weight?

emoticonRB I don't know. I'm so tired of it.

emoticonLB Of what? I think we're going to have to keep tracking and keep exercising and keep paying attention even if all we want to do is maintain.

emoticonRB Yeah I know that. I don't even mind doing that. I just wish we could add more food to the plate.

emoticonLB Are you walking around hungry?

emoticonRB No. I just sort of crave more

emoticonLB More ice cream?

emoticonRB More cheese.

emoticonLB Ahhhh. It's the VEGAN stuff isn't it.

emoticonRB Yeah. I think so. I don't want to do without cheese

emoticonLB Well, you know. We aren't really, now, are we.

emoticonRB Yeah but I hate not having permission to eat stuff - to do stuff. I feel BAD. I feel like a CHEATER

emoticonLB I agree. I don't like it either. Alright. It is official. We are not VEGAN any more. We are people who eat a MOSTLY plant based diet. We have ADDED tons of vegetables to our life. We are not restricting dairy any more. and we are STILL GOOD

emoticonRB LOL I love that!

emoticonLB Goodness by fiat!

emoticonRB ROFL Yeah. We are Good, we are Good we are Good!

emoticonLB We are Good! Now. What do you, my Good Right Brain Wild Child, want to do the month of May. Do you want to lose weight or stay at 150?

emoticonRB I want to lose 2 lbs.

emoticonLB. Done. Can you tell me why?

emoticonRB Yeah. If we lose 2 lbs we won't have to struggle too hard. We'll mostly be getting used to the size we are. We won't have to change too much. There will be room for some fun eating. BUT it'll be safer and I won't be so scared to go weigh in that first Tuesday in June.

emoticonLB Wow. those are really good reasons. Okay then - the goal is 148. The plan is this.

1. Track - and eat all the calories in the weight loss category
2. Exercise like we already do - and get in those push-ups. Va Beach - here we come!
3. Drink more water - you know we're slacking on this and it doesn't feel good ... and let's cut back on those durn sodas.
4. One Decadent Treat a week - no more than 300 calories. Pick the day of the treat on Tuesdays and pick the treat whenever you want to. And those calories can come out of our exercise collumn. They are EXTRA.
5. Tell me if you have any trouble with this plan

emoticonRB (Grinning) Oh yeah. I like this plan.

emoticonLB Great.

emoticonRB and we can wear our new shoes today?

emoticonLB Yup!

emoticonRB Yippeeee!

emoticonLB Love ya

emoticonRB Love ya back.

And here is a shot of Left Foot admiring Right Foot in the New Shoes
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I really look forward to your LB/RB blogs! Thanks for the smile (and the motivation)!
    1871 days ago
    emoticon Is that what you call it, left brain right brain. I guess that's better than good or bad self. I know what you are going through. I experience it and one of my challenges is to quiet or kill the left brain.
    1871 days ago
  • KANOE10
    Love your cute new shoes. Great blog. I think you are wise to allow yourself one treat that you truely enjoy. You are doing great in staying motivated and focused!

    1871 days ago
    I love these conversations! I wonder what it would be like to talk to you face to face LOL!
    I think we would have a great time! HUGS! Oh, yeah, cute shoes.
    1871 days ago
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