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Progress and Frustration

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I Started Atkins on April 12th and in the past 3 weeks I have lost 14 lbs.

I was stuck at 8 lbs. lost and then added supplements that help burn fat, namely, L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, CoQ10, and fiber. Since then, I've lost another 6 lbs. and am stuck again.

Perhaps a body can only lose so much at a time before readjusting itself. It seems to me that when I did Atkins the first time, it was such a breeze and the pounds melted. I lost 30 lbs my first month back then, and then 10 lbs. a month after that for the next two months. I know I'm also getting older and I'm certain that my body has a slower metabolism as well.

I'm getting frustrated at the stalls. It seems I go good for a week, stall a week, then lose a week, then stall another week, or so it's gone so far since I started Atkins. I guess I will see if this continues to be a pattern. I wish I could weigh myself once per week, but that makes me nervous.

I am losing inches. So far I've lost 2" off my waist alone, another 2" on my hips. This is a good thing, considering it's only been 3 weeks. I think I need to keep things in perspective instead of getting frustrated when I stall for several days.

I did some more reading today on forum boards and have found a couple more tips on low-carb eating lifestyle. I learned that maybe my caloric intake is too small, as it's usually right around 1,000 calories (not that I am trying to keep them that low, it just happens because I'm full). I also learned that my protein should be >100g, and my charts show that I've been at about 60 - 70 typically, and finally, my carbs should be limited to 5 - 10%, which hasn't been much of a problem, except that the tracker on SP shows even the carbs that don't count on Atkins, such as dietary fiber. Or maybe I just need to cut those carbs down as well.

I've been in straight ketosis (mid-purple to dark-purple) ever since day 3 of starting Atkins. So, I know I am doing something right. I just wish weight loss could be regular - but who knows, maybe it's too early to notice MY pattern. Overall, I don't think I can complain about losing 14 lbs. in 3 weeks, considering that on most diets losing 10 lbs./month is doing extremely well.

Time to keep plugging away...
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    Thank you both for your comments, I was thinking I might need more water. I started out drinking over 12 cups a day, and now I'm down to 8 - 10, but since it's the only thing I drink, maybe I need to go back to 12. Well, I have a cup of decaf every day.

    I've been tracking my food almost daily to make sure. I was having 2 Atkins products a day, but after reading up on it, I think I need to cut those out for now. Maybe my body is fighting the sweeteners. So, I think that's my next logical step as well.

    I'm down another lb since writing that post, but was half a lb. lighter yesterday. Which brings me to the second comment by Woubbie - I read the article and it's right, I'm losing inches and fit my clothes better, and even fit into some that I hadn't before.

    Even now I do feel better about myself than I did a month ago when I started. I'm definitely noticing that my metabolism is different now than it was when I was in my 20's and doing Atkins. Then again, they didn't have Atkins products then, and all sweeteners were a big no-no. So, I say, back to the basics. Plus more water. :)

    Thank you both for your input, it's encouraging.

    P.s. I agree about the fear of getting out of ketosis and it's long wait to get back in prevents me from cheating when I feel the urge. There is a payoff though, and sooner or later we'll be happy with the results.

    1810 days ago
    You may need more water. I am pretty sure that dark purple means you aren't hydrated enough. That may not have anything to do with the plateaus, but we need water to move the fat out of our systems, so it may make a difference, just something you can try if nothing else is working. Also, I'm not sure about your current menus, but if they include artificial sweeteners, sometimes I have seen people give up artificial sweeteners (or recommend doing so) to bust through a plateau, so that might help.

    Also, the food industry are liars. Many things that say zero carb (such as heavy cream and cheddar cheese) have about half a carb per serving, so if you are eating things like that and not counting them, that may throw you off now and then. I hate when I get out of ketosis, because then it's a 3-day journey to back in, so I am trying harder to be diligent these days. It's a struggle sometimes, but I know it's gonna pay off! Hang in there!

    1813 days ago
    Measurements are much better milestones than weight anyway. Check out this post about scales:

    1813 days ago
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