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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

This blog has taken me all day to write.... I thought long and hard from my last post and set a reminder in my phone to re-read this post on Monday when I get back from my anniversary trip.

First off, it's time to committ.

Committment is not easy and I need to quit falling off the wagon every time things get a little hard. Those cravings are hard to get by, but I have a plan of attack. Drink a ton of water and think, really think about what I'm trying to convince myself to do. I've done it once... and I can do it again.

Next, it's time to just focus my exercises on me and what I'm capable of.

I can easily overload on workouts and over work myself trying to be this super fit person I'm not. I try to keep up with videos, classes, this and that... and at the end of the day, I'm not there yet. One step at a time.

Have a plan.

Not having a plan is planning to fail. I've failed a million times and I'd say the majority of it comes from not planning.

Find your motivation and what speaks to you.

For me, it's to feel comfortable in my clothes and to be at a healthy weight to have a baby. Me and my husband started down that road earlier this year, I was excited, but I slammed on the brakes at the thought of gaining weight. I don't want to feel that way. I want to be at a great healthy weight and be okay with gaining baby weight. I want to know that I felt my best in my 20's and didn't let the world pass me by.

SO let's make a plan.

1. Monday I return home. Hit the grocery store. Get healthy low carb food and make a menu for the week.

STICK TO THE MENU! It not only saves time, but money. On the trip home, look up some recipes. I will have nothing better to do with my time! There are no excuses not to cook around this time of year for me! Work is slow and my summer college classes are no more hectic than usual.

2. Schedule work outs in my phone.

Set an alarm for them and don't over do it. I'm honestly not going to get up everyday in the morning to go running. I hate running and I'm not fit enough to run and enjoy it. However I bought a treadmill. QUIT WASTING TIME AND MONEY AND USE IT! Let's start off easy. Two days during the work week I'm going to walk on it in the morings. I'm not gaining anything with the 30 minutes extra sleep, might as well get up. One weekend day I need to take my dog for a lengthy walk. I enjoy taking him for a walk. I just need to make time and do it. This literally takes no time out of my week to do these three simple workouts. It's a place to start and build from. No more trying to do too much too fast. Some is better than none.

Everyday after work, I need to do some push ups, abs, squats and lunges. I am not capable of more than a few sets and it takes me less than 15 minutes. No excuses. It's easy and fast.

3. Blog everyday on Spark.

It helps keep me accountable and helps me talk myself through things. At the end of the day, I will update the ending of my blog with everything I ate and if I did my exercise as I was suppose to. Each month I'll adjust what I'm adding to my workouts.

4. Weigh in once a week. Try on jeans twice per month. Measure once per month.

If you've ever followed my blogs you know this is something I have really struggled with and has helped me jump off the weight loss wagon a few times. When I see my weight fluctuate, it really discourages me, which leads to a binge, which leads to the feeling of failure. It's a scale, an object, and I act like I'm addicted to it. I'm a bigger and stronger person that has fought many harder battles in life. No more excuses. Just weigh in once a week. There are more important things and ways to measure success than just by the scale.

5. Reset goals.

It's time to reweigh in and use that as my starting weight. I'm currently ranging between 158-160. I need to make realistic goals. I have a goal weight in mind, but on this journey I've learned that my goal weight looks different on many different people. 150 looks very different on a fit person than it does one that doesn't exercise. My big weight goal is 150 pounds. I know I can get there and below, but beyond that marker I want sizes to be my goal. I want to throw the scale out the window, build muscle, and judge my progress through clothes and measurements. 150 is the weight goal, and a size 6 is the ultimate goal. That size 6 might be a 140 pound me or a 130 pound me. I don't know, but I can get there.

I want to expect no more than 1/2 pound per week. I need to adjust my expectation time frame accordingly.

6. Quit excusing myself to daily rewards

I think because I did a work out, I need a reward. I think because I had a long week at work, I need a reward. It's got to stop. That feeling of needing something everytime something occurs leads to spending too much money and a night of too much alcohol. It's been a long week, so what?! Just keep on keeping on and look for the big rewards I'm designing for myself. STAY ON THE REWARDS CHART, there is no point in really looking forward to accomplishments unless I stay on it.

7. Quit drinking

I treat drinking as a reward. I can't stand my job and do too much all the time with everything else I have going on and think I need to reward myself with relaxation. Drinking leads to bad food choices for me, and makes me feel like total crap in the end. So WHY do I insist on it? SMH, because amongst many other areas in my life, I lack self control. Let's start out easy. Limit drinking to two weekends per month. I know that this is still more than I would like, but when I try to just cut things off right away I get to feeling like a failure if I don't comply perfectly.

SO, this brings me to my rewards chart. I've made these before, but they don't mean much when you basically feel like you need to reward yourself for breathing. "oh you're breathing, well that was hard. Enjoy this package of M&Ms."

I need to fill this out Monday after I reweigh and adjust my weight loss goals and expectations accordingly:

Starting weight-
Loose __ lbs- A new phone cover
Loose __ lbs- New clinique make up
Loose __ lbs- New running shoes
Loose __ lbs- A new bra from VS
Loose__ lbs- A dinner out to a nicer place than usual with the husband
Loose__ lbs $$ new clothes!
Loose__lbs New set of hair extensions
Size 6 Jeans (SIZE GOAL MET) - new car

My husband has already given me permission to get a new car but I want to really really deserve it. My car I have now works just fine and I want something big to look forward to.

I hope on Monday when I read this I will feel remotivated. It was this time last year I began my journey and lost 40 lbs. It's time to do it again!
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    i understand the struggles all to much and it seems every time i make a plan i end up failing at it. beating myself up just gets me to quit for a moment and then i feel like ok, here we go..start all over again. we just can't ever give up!! keep reminding yourself of what you want...u will get there!!
    1807 days ago
    1813 days ago
    This is great! Also it's a good reminder for those of us who haven't reevaluated lately, to take a look at what we're doing and make adjustments as necessary - thanks for the reminder!

    1813 days ago
    Awesome plan! You've inspired me to change my signature here yet again by making me think about "overnight successes" that took years to become successful, lol!

    Angry Birds was Rovio's 52nd game.
    WD-40 got its name because the first 39 products didn't quite cut it.
    The first 10 publishing houses that looked over the Harry Potter book turned J K Rowling down.

    One step at a time!
    1813 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/7/2013 7:12:23 PM
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1813 days ago
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