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Optimism about garden

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Today I joined a raw foods team. That's sort of jumping the gun for me. I usually try to live off my garden as much as possible over the summer. Neither the weather nor my schedule have been very cooperative, so I haven't finished planting it. But last night Solly and I surveyed the mature fruit trees. We won't have everything this year, but we will have a HECK of a lot of plums and pears. We'll have a smattering of crabapples. The apple tree looks pathetic. The immature fruit trees were ravaged by deer and moles the year I was gone so they don't look like they will yield anything. The small fruit garden also received damage, but the blueberries have mostly rebounded and some of the raspberries and blackberries look like they'll make it. I'm not sure about the exotics. Maybe, maybe not.

I planted 10 tomato and 3 pepper transplants from a local store. I also started a few seeds, but I am WAY behind there. I have weeded the strawberries and started uncovering my poor figs, which are being overrun by grass.

I crave fat and salt, which I read somewhere that "android" types (which I undoubtedly am, having enormous shoulders, small hips and singing Porgy's part in Porgy and Bess in high school) naturally do. I can't grow fat and salt. But I have managed, a few years, to do pretty well July - September. Yes, I know it is only May. I am jumping the gun. We still have 46 degree nights. I am dreaming here, dreaming...

Western Oregon can grow greens year round, though, even in 47 degree nights. It's the things that need sunlight that are the problem. We are just now getting daily doses of sun, but now we will have daylight long after people back East do. I remember calling friends back home after I moved here. I'd still be working out in the garden in dimming light at 9pm and they'd think I was totally lying to them. It's like we have to cram all our growing into three months... so we do.

Here's to big dreams of big, juicy tomatoes and pears. Yummmmy.
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