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tuesday--more on hypnosis

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

good morning folks--thought I would share some more of my own observations about hypnosis--just in case you have wondered about it. currently I have several different cd's that I am using--from glenn harrold I have "heal your body" which has two meditations on it--one for healing and one to re-align your chakras. if that sounds kind of "woo woo" to you--I must confess it does to me too--but I do find that I go into trance the most easily with that one. don't know quite why--it may be the background music.
the other cd's I have are all from dr. steve gurgevich, who is on the faculty at Arizona state in the integrative medicine program. he is a colleague of dr. Andrew weil's. I have one about anxiety, one for sleep, and his hypnosis diet. because I am working with the anxiety one a lot, I don't use the diet one on a regular basis--there are only so many hours in a day you can spend in a trance :-). but rob is using the diet one more regularly (I was very surprised by his willingness to do this) so I can tell you a little bit about his experience.
first off--hypnosis is kind of a learned skill. the more you practice it, the btter you get at it. I have found that going into trance is somewhat difficult--everyone varies. but the more I work on it, the better I get. and my trances are not consistent--sometimes I can achieve a really deep one, other times not. for anxiety, the one that helps me the most is a hypnotic rehearsal--where you work on visualizing situations about what causes your anxiety and see yourself being comfortable and relaxed--then as you come out of the trance you bring these feelings to the forefront of your consciousness, so they can stay with you. it's hard to explain--but I have managed to do it, and It helped me a lot. I am doing the anxiety work to help me deal with my eye floaters--and I have to say it has helped me a lot. once I figured out that it wasn't really the floater that was the problem but my reaction TO the floater, I started approaching it from this angle. I do feel like some more specific work with a hypnotherapist might help me with this--and I may go that route in the future--mainly because its hard for me to frame what I want in a way that is accessible to my subconscious mind (how do you train yourself to forget seeing something that is right in your field of view all the time-- and since the subconscious is incapable of understanding the idea of "not" how do you tell it to NOT look at something) but I am making progress and I accept completely that this is within the realm of possibility and that my mind is capable of doing this--so I know I will get there.
as for the sleep one--I can't say enough good--it has truly been effective. in fact I rarely even hear the cd anymore because as soon as I go into trance, I fall asleep. if I happen to awaken in the night (usually its one of the dogs doing something) I don't suddenly awaken to a racing mind that won't be quiet. I am content to simply lie there and relax until sleep returns. and I dream, and often remember my dreams now. I can't begin to describe what a change this is for what essentially has been a lifetime of poor sleep. if you have trouble sleeping I highly recommend his sleep cd. again--it will take a few times to master the trancework--but once you do, the sound of dr. g's voice will carry you off to dreamland in short order. I use the healing sleep track, but there is a "deep sleep" track, a "creative sleep" track and an "easy sleep" track.
as to the diet series--it consists of several parts--the first is an intro track that explains a lot about the concept to you and has a lot of fascinating information in it about mind/body medicine and how it relates to body weight. then there are three trancework sessions--a morning one before you get up, a short (15 min or so) one you do before dinner and a bedtime one. I do these sessions periodically, but after trying the before dinner one once, rob now does the morning and before dinner sessions every day (I was amazed by this--I figured he would think it was all weird and not do it). so far I have seen an attitude shift in him--and some behavioral changes--he is not eating as much at mealtimes, given up soda (his huge downfall) and begun to really stick to his exercise routine. the main thing I see is that he is just more relaxed after he gets home, does his hypno and then his afternoon walk. and I think the morning session helps him to sort of pre-decompress before he heads off to work.
there is also a cd with a set of specific targeted sessions like "emotional eating" that you can use if you need them. I tried the emotional eating one and found it sort of confusing. but I also feel that it touched some things that I need to examine in more depth--as time goes on I will work on this one--but for right now my main focus is the anxiety work.
trance is hard to describe--it varies for each person--rob seems to go into trance more easily than I do. it's kind of like daydreaming where you completely detach from everything but your own thoughts. even if you are so absorbed in your thoughts you don't hear the cd, it's okay because your subconscious hears what is being said. when I go into a deep trance I either feel very heavy, like I am sinking into the couch, or sometimes I feel kind of weightless, like i'm floating--this is very transient--it comes and goes. I also find I will be very deep in thought and suddenly will pop out of it and realize I was very deep in thought and start listening to the cd again. my understanding is that this is normal. sometimes my skin feels odd--I can't describe it--its sort of a tension or something--not unpleasant--but different. being menopausal I have to wonder if it isn't related to some kind of hormonal response to the trance. I do know that there is some promising research into hot flashes and hypnotherapy--so this might be something like that. rob often feels like laughing as he goes into trance.
the glenn harrold healing cd I have I use every night after my bath. I do find that the therapy sessions work best for me if I am a little bit sleepy--it helps me to get into a relaxed state more easily--and my understanding is that if you fall asleep during the trance session, that's okay too. I have used this cd the most--and it uses imagery to help you visualize a healing experience. basically you descend a flight of steps and enter a healing space. I have found this one to be where I have been able to construct the most detailed and vivid set of images. I can feel and smell aspects of this image in addition to seeing and hearing. each time I do this session the image becomes more detailed, and recently I have added things to it that just sort of appeared in the image on their own--I now have a family of hummingbirds that accompanies me--don't know why--but some part of my mind added them.
so that is my experience so far--bullet points are these:
if you have any kind of mental illness I would seek advice from a mental health professional before working with hypnosis.
it takes practice--it is a skill you have to cultivate.
it takes time--so you have to carve some chunks out of your day
persistence pays off
your belief in the idea of hypnosis is very important--the explanatory information on dr. gurgvich's cd's will help you understand how powerful and valid hypnotherapy is
hope this was helpful!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hypnosis is a common everyday event. It happens in various setting, and is not, in my opinion, one single thing. One of the issue about hypnosis in the formal setting is does the process being used match the model of the client (In this case I am using hypnotist as the person who thinks he is doing something to the client who thinks something his being done to him; if fact I view this more as a dance.)

    Gramie and I are ballroom dancing. In ball room dancing it is the lady's job to follow the man (So guys if you want to be able to take the lead without recriminations, ballroom dance is an activity for you); the gentleman's job is to lead the woman where she wants to go.

    Hypnosis in a formal setting is like that. In face to face setting it is just a matter of the Hypnotist paying attention to the Client and when he detects the client entering a suitable kind of trance to do more of what ever he was doing just before the client began to make the shift. If the Hypnotist notice the client not moving into a suitable trance then the Hypnotist should do something different.

    No tape we use a buckshot approach and throw a much of things into the mix after inviting the client to explore which things work.

    I had a client buy guy in a busy corner store each day for a week, and with a great deal of flourish throw the gum out and keep the package. When she agreed to do the task I gave her the money to pay for the gum. When she accepted the money she was sort of bound to do the task. She was quite angry with me after the first time, but felt like it would be stealing from me to take my money and not to the task. So she did it each day. By the end of the week she was feeling a little arrogant an her strong emotions had shifted towards those who were looking at her like she was crazy, and she had a strong feeling that said internally, "Mind your own business, what do you know about what I am doing and why."

    Three weeks later she played her sax in public with a friends band for the first time. She was a talented musician, but had been tried to get up and take a set for many months but could not bring herself to do it.

    Did the buying gum trance have an effect on the Playing Sax in front of people trance? I do not know. I only know they each shared some things, and the happened close in time to each other.

    Hypnosis is so many thing, and happens in so many ways. If we can learn where the "common everyday trances" happen in our live and learn to make them work for us, rather than against us... well you might just be surprized.

    1862 days ago
    I tried going to a hypnosis class once but the leader made a grammatical error and after that I couldn't seem to concentrate. I bought a tape from her and if I find it again I may try it.
    1867 days ago
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