Working my Butt ON

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

So... I guess I've always had pretty flat hindquarters... in fact, the only note that I ever took up from a student when I taught jr high said...something like "she has a pretty face, but when she turns round it's like pancake bootie." I have to admit that I was NOT offended. I still have it somewhere, by the way. Sadly, that was in the old ages before facebook and high res camera phones, so I can't find it and post it.

But anyway... all this weight lifting. It may finally give me a non pancake bootie. Baby got back and all. lol.

I'm noticing my new muscles coming in!! I'm excited like the kids at school are when their permanent teeth come in! And I went to the dr today to get a steroid shot (for allergies, not muscles) and my weight was 196, fully clothed, so I'm feeling okay about that. It's not a loss, but not a real gain either, so now I just need to get better at eating. :)

And here's a random picture of me today when I was trying to get my hair to dry after Zumba. :)
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