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A day of Kidney Surgery that failed!

Monday, May 06, 2013

Today was the day from Hell that I was dreading so much that I was psyched out for a week ahead. It started off as an ER run for my DH. Kidney Stone stuck in the tube that goes from the Kidney to the bladder. For the next three days we did all things medical. Prescriptions by the wheelbarrow at the pharmacy, doctor's offices. All I could think of was I was so glad for Medicare and the medical insurance we picked out. The ER alone was over $10,000.00 and that was for an arm load of liquid and pain meds, plus a CT scan and the doctor to read it and tell us what and where and then what to do.

Off to the next doctor for more testing and readings and advisories and then today, full of one appointment to another that all had to be done by 1200 so he would be at the right place in time for the procedure otherwise he was out and couldn't get it again for 30 days unless he followed the machine to someone else's office, which meant we would have to start the appts over again.

So at 10:30 am we made it where we were supposed to be in plenty of time only to sit and wait and listen to a woman sitting with her husband complaining about how long they had been sitting there. As it turns out, they were ahead of us at the surgery center for the same reason. We could have gone together or at least had lunch while we waited for our DHs to get done with the lithotripsy.

But as it turned out, I may have snagged myself a p/t hostess job at a very nice, new, and higher end restaurant. While I was talking to the manager, I got my call from the surgery center about my DH being ready for pickup. I was talking to the doctor, not what I was expecting and as it turned out, the stone had moved from this morning's x-ray only 30 minutes prior to the procedure. It moved down to a place where they could not get to. So they woke him up and told him the bad news. By the time I got there, he was one unhappy guy, looking like a little boy that was so disappointed. Now he has to go back and have a different type of procedure done. They go up the urine "pipe" (I'm being nice 'cuz not everyone knows the terms or wants to really know what this is talking about so you can skip over if you don't want to know) and then through the bladder to the pipe that goes up to the kidney, find the stone, grab it with a "basket" and then hit it with a shock wave from that point. The good thing about this procedure is that they haul the broken stones out all at once and there is no passing stones. The bad part is there is a higher risk of damaging one of the pipes along the way. Plus he has to go through the prep and anesthesia again.

He drank water at midnight last night and then got nothing until he woke up. He wanted coffee. They gave him water until he was awake enough to really know what he wanted. They got him coffee.

Then it was get up, get dressed, a little hard to do when your brain is still on anesthesia, and walk out to the car to sit in the sun while I ran up to attempt to get him scheduled soonest possible, which is next week apparently.

So a missed trip to a graduation at UCONN and a missed stone to do it all again.

My stress seemed to have melted when he was in there all ready to go. Now it's forced back on me. All it will take is having to go through the blood platelet thing again and get lost in the system as one poor guy was, and then go get another x-ray that apparently doesn't really represent the issue as ture as it is, and then go through the needle shoved into his hand, which hurts a lot, and the rest of the stuff.

The best thing about it was the people are so helpful and understanding and we didn't find one person that was crappy - well one receptionist that wasn't there today so maybe she got fired. She was a snot - very unhappy about something the day we ran into her last week.

I get to send an email to my potential boss and hopefully get a new p/t job at a real nice place I would love to work at, for awhile anyway.

So off I go - wish us luck. Me for the job, and my DH for getting the kidney stone removed without any problems. And me for being able to deal with the stress better or not having much at all.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement you have given us already.

Have a great one!
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