The Weekend

Monday, May 06, 2013

I had a really fun, busy weekend...not the greatest food choices but not too bad either.

Friday we had dinner out but I had eaten very lightly throughout the day so I was on the higher end of my cal. intake but did not go over:)

Saturday morning we got up early had smoothies for breakfast and went garage sale shopping:) and I scored the Tony Horton 10 minute trainer workout dvd system brand new in the box for $10 bucks emoticon Score!! We ended up going to Chick-fil-a for lunch I had a salad emoticon My son suggested we go to the glow in the dark mini golf...he always wants to mini golf so we decided to take him early before the teenage invasion in the evening LOL We had fun they beat me as usual...DH picked up a 6 pack of this beer I really enjoy and well when we got home 2 of the 6 got the best of me...just when we were settling in to watch a movie my mom called and said they were grilling steaks to come over and eat(they live really really close to us) so we did, I again skipped the steaks and just had a salad:) ok ok I had a little bit of DH's steak but that's ok. Went home put the boy to bed and watched This is 40 fell asleep half way through, this mom was tired emoticon

Sunday morning we were going to go for a hike but it was cloudy and chilly I figured we should visit the 5 de Mayo festival in a nearby town (about 45 min drive) it was a great drive not too long and beautiful scenery although it was cloudy and sort of misty DH had prepared breakfast burritos for him and DS and a egg white sandwhich for me:) it was yum we ate on our way to the festival. Once we were there we walked around A LOT and got some coffee at a local coffee shop it was great. Had some food samples but nothing terrible calorie wise until....lunch time emoticon The guys wanted pizza so that's what we had, I ordered a salad that was awesome but I still had a slice of pizza:) and another latte a little later to sip on our way all in all not too bad. I did remember to clip on my pedometer and got just over 10K steps in so that made me feel a little better about the pizza and lattes lol

We were tired when we got home so we stayed in and watched a movie. Today I skipped the gym I was planning on going in the evening with DH but I have a meeting to go to at DS' school while DH goes to the gym...I will go to zumba tomorrow and maybe I will start the 10minute training program today since I skipped the gym.

How was your weekend?
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