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Monday, May 06, 2013

Picture of wprkbook or cover of newer published books..BOUNDARIES.
Review and finish up Asking "What am I Responsible for? How do I 'own' these things in my life?" ... Feelings, Attitudes, Behavior, Choices, Values, Limits, Talents...and
#8 Thoughts Love God with ALL your mind and Bring every thought captive to Christ. I need to take possession of my thoughts, listen but set limits on what others say; grow in knowledge of the Word; clarify distorted thinking and TELL others when they are wrong.
9. Delsires...I will learn the real me and define my desires. "You don't have because you don't ask and when you ask, you have the wrong motives. Jam 4:2,3
10. LOVE... Love God with ALL your heart, soul and mind Open your heart wide to receive and to gove LOVE.
Artist of the week is Jessie Wilcox Smith. I love this little girl checking her boundary gate to see if she should let in something good or let out something bad... and sometimes we need to practive our words, sentences, speeches for other people to establish our healthy boundaries. Teddy Bears make a good audience.

I am proud Mama of 32 yr old DD who ran her first 5K race this weekend in 48 minutes overcoming PTSD, celiac and lung issues. And now she wants to do a home town one the first of June so we can see her at the finish line. YEAH!!
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