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May 2013.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Discoveries in April:

emoticon I have adjusted my calorie range to be very ambitious. I have had a high upper limit and I get right on it every week day and substantially over on the weekend. I need that line to be low (but still healthy) because it turns out I like to get right to the line. It’s a little mind game, but it worked the last week in April, so I will stay with it.

emoticon Last month I lost the 0.8 pound even though I went up in the middle of the week. In the future, I need to plan for those events that might take me off schedule, so I do not have to undo the harm. This time I learned all is not lost, even when I stray for a while.

emoticon Sometime last month I also realized that I am working very hard in my workouts and undoing it by eating habits. It seems a shame. I plan to work as hard on nutrition this month because my swimming and boot camp activates will end in June, so I need to make the best of them while I can. That means I NEED to eat right.

I am working on these things in May:
emoticon Get geared up for a summer without a gym by doing some workouts at the beach or green belt.
emoticon Increase eating of fruits and vegetables.
emoticon Eat less calories than I burn.
emoticon Lose two pounds.
Week of May 6th
1) M/W swim, Tu/Th bootcamp, F beach/green belt run, Sat/Sun 20 minute walk to clear my head and stretch my legs.
2) Eat two fruits and two vegetables a day for at least 5x in the week
3) Eat less calories than I burn at least 5x in the week.
4) Lose 0.5 lbs
We’ll see about the later weeks, after the first one is over.

Week's results:
1) M-Th done. Saturday dragon boat paddling + workout 2 hours total
2) Did well M-T, then tripped on F-Sun.
3) I did well on the days I worked out. Hmm. Go figure.
4) I posted a gain on Thursday from the week before. Sigh.

Week of May 13th
1) M/W swim, Tu/Th bootcamp, F beach/green belt run, Sunday dragonboat paddling
2) Eat two fruits and two vegetables a day for at least 4x in the week and 1 of each on F-Sun.
3) Eat less calories than I burn at least 5x in the week.
4) Lose 0.5 lbs

What happened the last two weeks? I did my workouts. I ate produce on most days. I also ate danish and cake and even chips. Then, my calorie consumption went up and I did not lose weight. T

hen, I doubled my workouts the next week. I lost weight. I still ate too much. Then, I hurt my back and I had a few days off.

Now what? As they say, "You can't exercise your way out of bad eating habits." Or something like that.

I have been practicing the before, during and after journaling. It helped me see that exercising is always good, except when I overdo it. I also see how gratifying it is to follow the line of goodness in nutrition related stuff. I read a blog about tough love. Maybe that is what I need to do.

These last ten pounds will need to be removed by eating right. I can not workout more. It doesn't work. I need to eat better, more often. I need to undo the thinking that just this once, just one piece...will not affect my momentum. I need to work in the indulgent stuff and stick to the plan. I also need to figure out a backup plan for when the primary plan is difficult.

The produce thing is helping. Yesterday I went to a Brazialian buffet and ate lots of vegetables. I ate a few too much bread too, but I stayed away from the rice and potatoes and the meats I choose were not fried or sauced.

I'm still learning.
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