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Research and Reflections - Calorie Deficit

Monday, May 06, 2013

Okay, so last night I, once again, was unable to get to sleep when I wanted to. Thinking it would make me tired, I started looking around the Sparkpeople site, looking through the forums, the articles, and the videos. I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, I was just browsing through the Nutrition sections. I happened across quite a few threads that dealt with the issue of the "Calorie Deficit." Let me just start by saying that was probably a mistake because I was hooked on the subject for the next 2 hours.

Now, I had been hearing this term thrown around but I had no idea what it meant. I thought..."Hey, I'm eating less, eating better foods, and I'm outside walking 45 minutes 6x a week...That's what I'm supposed to be doing right? That's -how- you lose weight." Well, I obviously didn't understand the concept of the deficit.

Yesterday was the beginning of the new "tracked" week for me and I was proud and excited that I made it through the first week without giving up. Past experience has shown me quitting any new program within the first week, so this is already a record breaker.... but I'm getting off track. So last night, after reading a few of the calorie deficit threads, I went to the reports section and I ran Calorie Differential report for every day of last week.


My deficit for the past week was around -13,200! So I was like, WOW! MY exercise is kicking ass!! great... what does this mean and how can this help me? Then I went back to the threads and kept reading. I learned that in order to lose around 1 pound a week, I should have a deficit of around -500 and to lose around 2 pounds a week it should be around -1000 a week. It's safe to say that my bubble was properly popped. This is pretty much what had been in my head:

1) in order to loose around 2 pounds a week, you need to have alot of excess fat. ex. 5'3 over 200lbs. (Check! That's me!)

2) you're fat, so you were obviously overeating... cut back (Check! Did that too... that part was easy because I was eating less and less anyway due to not having a job and therefore having little to no money for food)

3) eat BETTER foods (Check! with the little money I did have I stocked up on fresh fruits and vegetables, rotisserie chicken which I de-skinned, chopped up and put in the fridge for handy handfulls)

4) measure your food portions (Check! my measuring cup and measuring spoons are now my friends)

5) MOVE AROUND!! (Check and Check! I've been going out 6 days a week, and walking, on average, 2 miles a day.)

Now...... with all of this information in my head, I thought I had my bases covered. Then I read about the calorie deficit, I added up my week, did the math and there it was (-13,200). uggggggggggggh!!!!!! Growl, spit, scream!

So my conclusion... I'm just not eating enough. Which bums me out because right now I don't have enough food to eat as much as I should be. Unless I eat ramen noodles 2x a day. Honestly, i'm having a really hard time eating the minimum amount of calories per day as recommended.

Can you loose weight eating ramen 2x a day as long as you're within your daily calories and your deficit is close to correct by the end of the week?
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  • DIANE7786
    You've already made a lot of healthy changes. Many on this site have limited food budgets. Do a Sparks search for topics like "eating healthy on a budget" for ideas on how to increase your calorie deficit. emoticon
    1845 days ago
    Ramen has virtually no real nutrition! Try adding veggies!
    1845 days ago
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