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Top 10 List of the Day: You know you've changed when . . .

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Monday, May 06, 2013

10. You consider a "cocktail" ice water with cucumber and berries and any other random piece of produce you have in the fridge floating around in it. If you can pull out a fork and have lunch with the contents of your water bottle, you are doing too much.

9. You talk about your weight loss journey like new mothers talk about their toddlers.
Innocent bystander: "So how long have you been working out?"
You: "22 months and two weeks all together, but I didn't get really
serious until I was 15 months."
Innocent bystander: "Huh???!!"

8. You can tell anyone your Resting Pulse Rate, Average Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and/or Cholesterol Levels at any given time with variation allowances due to weather, hormones, or time of the day.

7. You have a different shoe for casual walking, power walking, jogging, running and race day.

6. You look at dessert and immediately think of what you would need to do to burn it off. Cheesecake = 4 mile run and 20 min of ST.

5. You sleep in your gym clothes to make sure you have no excuse to miss the 5am workout.

4. You stop saying, "I HAVE to workout today" and start saying, "I WANT to go workout!"

3. You and Krispy Kreme can be in the same room together and no one gets hurt.

2. You stop dressing up to go to the gym because you would rather look like you got ran over by a steam truck at the end of your workout than like a Nike ad.

And the NUMBER 1 reason you know you have changed is . . .

1. When you realize that you finally look better, are more fit, healthy and happier than the pretty chic who teased you in high school! Five kids and 100 pounds later, who is laughing now?? BOO YOW!!!!

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