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Monday, May 06, 2013

emoticon Call me fickle...but I always love to be on the cutting edge. Sometimes it just takes me a while to find out which edge to cut! emoticon

I seriously love my Sparkpeople...I mean seriously! Usually every free moment I can squeeze out of my day is right here in Sparkdom.

BUT....since we had a lovely article written about our little consignment gallery (see yesterday's blog) I've gotten all kinds of e-mails and telephone messages saying "WHY aren't you on Pinterest?"

The hubs did set up a skeleton account a while back waiting for me to tweak it (which of course I never got around to) and he kept telling me that it was RIGHT up my alley because it is so visual. He knows his artist wifey well...my life is color, and texture, and beautiful visual delights.

But still....I have my Sparkies to think about and I love you all so much I just didn't think I really wanted to take the plunge to have something else pulling at my sleeve for attention. emoticon

I don't even do Facebook...much to most people's shock. Maybe it's because I know all the people on it so well that I don't really have much more to interface with them on via the cosmos. Or maybe I don't really want to..that's probably it. emoticon

All of our beautiful Josh's friends are on there and the hubs loves to keep track of them and always tells me when they need some Bobbi time which I'm delighted to offer.

BUT...then I'm thinking about Pinterest and my potential for more exposure for the gallery and so I bopped over there on Sunday...and well...

LOVE! emoticon emoticon The heavens parted and the sun came out to shine full force! emoticon

There's NOTHING hard about it...and golly gosh I KNOW we all spend WAYYY too much time hunkered down in front of our computer screens..but seriously this tells me why this is the biggest growing website in recent history.

LOVE! Can't help it! emoticon emoticon It's just so DESIGNED for ME!

Check me out if you like and honestly don't be mad at me for pulling you into this delightful addiction. I'm just going to have to set my handy dandy timer...and it AIN'T cuz I'm cooking!


Happy pinning my lovies~ emoticon
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