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Highlights from this week's runs

Monday, May 06, 2013

A few miscellaneous highlights from the past week's workouts. The only unifying theme is that they are all running related.

So last week, on 1 May, I wanted to kick May off with a LSR. I was getting ready to head out in the afternoon, taking a long detour on my way home. My friend, Joe, saw me getting ready to go and got the gleam in his eye and asked if I could wait a few minutes and if he could run with me. Sure, no problem, though I had to reroute my long run route from one long detour to a different one (which turned out to be pretty hilly). It was warm (70-75) and sunny. For us in New England, who are acclimated to 30-40 deg runs, this was pretty warm. We had a great run though, going about 9 miles together and then split up with me having 2 miles to get home and him having 2 miles to get back to UMass. Together, we were averaging about 9 min miles. After we split, the heat and hills sunk in and I slowed to a 10+ pace for the last two miles. I ran into him a couple days later and said that I was beat by the time we split and really slowed down. He gave me a funny wry look, then admitted that after we split, he jogged to the bus stop and took the bus the last mile and a half to campus! I would call him a slacker, but he did put in almost ten at a respectable pace!

Then on Friday, I decided I couldn't put it off any more, I took my semi annual APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test). It involves 2 min of push ups, 2 min of sit ups and a 2 mile run. The scoring table is different for male an female soldiers, and the table is more forgiving the older you get also. So, at 42 years old, in order to get the maximum score per event I have to do 66 push ups (I did 82), 72 sit ups (I did 75) and run in 14:06 (I did it in 13:55). I was super psyched, I think that the last time I ran under 14 min was back in 2000 when I was a young captain! The past few years I have been running in the low 15's to high 14's, so I was happy to see that my running (and weight loss) have really payed off dividends in terms of improvements in my running!

On Sunday afternoon, I wanted to take the kids out on the biking trail and my DW wanted to get some cleaning done (mainly clearing out prior to moving).

So I took the 4 kids with the two big kids on their bikes and the two littles in the jogger and we hit the bike trail. It was a nice day and the trail was busy, we looked like quite a procession I am sure. We went one way about 2.7 miles, stopped for water and a snack, then started heading back. My 4 year old son was cruising but my 6 year old daughter was starting to get tired. She said she wanted to stop, so half way back I pulled over. I parked the buggy and turned to help my son. But my daughter had decided that she wanted to keep going and make it back to the parking lot. So I am dealing with the two big kids when my 2 year old says "Daddy, where are we going?" I turn around and the buggy is rolling down the shoulder of the bike trial and picking up speed heading over the embankment! I sprinted towards it, lunged down the embankment, grabbed the handle and dug my heels into the soft slope. They were not in serious trouble, the embankment was about 10-15 feet and below was a marsh that was soft mud (there were other sections that are open water, so it could have been worse). Fortunately, Elizabeth thought it was funny and Henry didn't seem to mind either. I probably should not have mentioned the incident to the DW after I got home though (she sometimes questions my judgment when it comes to unsafe activities with the kids!)

Also on Sunday, my speedy BIL did his first marathon (he is more of a 5k to 10k to 10 mile racer). He ran the OC Marathon in 3:11. He is pretty speedy, we used to be company commanders together and he would run his APFT 2 miler in sub 11 min and has run the Army 10 miler in sub 60 min. Not too shabby!

Today was a nice cool morning and I wanted to get in a good run before it got hot. I did a ten mile course that is moderately hilly. I warmed up over the first five miles with splits in the 8:15 to 8:45 range. I picked it up a bit on the way back, with sub 8 splits on miles 6, 7, 8, and 10 (mile 10 was in 7:30, but that was with a decent downhill too). I finished in 81:50, for a 8:11 average pace.

Take care, hope everyone has a great week!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Awesome results with your fit test:)
    So happy your kiddos are safe. I am sure that was quite nerve racking!
    1841 days ago
    I was in the Army for a "few" years! I remember those tests! I hated them but always managed to pass them! Great job! Sounds like a great week of exercise!
    1842 days ago
    Your stroller story reminds me of the time I was visiting a base MWR center years ago that had a fountain and sizable pool surrounded by the standard backless, low bench for folks to sit on and enjoy the water. Some Dad had his preschool aged child there and he was letting him walk/run around atop the bench around the pool. Well, sure enough, the child fell in with a big splash. Fortunately, the child was fine, but thoroughly soaked. The first thing I heard from a passing woman who was most likely a wife and mom was, "Somebody's gonna be in big TROUBLE!" I hope your DW wasn't too upset. Good thing you're a fast runner! Great times on those runs, btw. emoticon
    1843 days ago
    You have been doing great! Congratulations on that great APFT score!
    1843 days ago
    Great runs, great results on the APFT! And no harm done with the kids, so the stroller incident will turn into a great family story told for years afterwards. All in all, you had a very good week.
    1843 days ago
    Great week!
    1843 days ago
    Great PT test results! My goal is getting back to a 9 minute mile again for the 2 mile run. Speed training starts on Wednesday even though I am here and the coach is back in the US I am still on the mailing list so I can do the workouts. I'm also seeing a lot of families out, just like you were, with kids on their bikes and in the jogging strollers, now that the weather is nice. There is a long bike/walking path alongside the river in town with some small parks on the way; it gets quite busy in the summer.
    1843 days ago
    Nice LSR! Probably race pace for ME, though. There's always someone ahead of you, and someone behind you... nature of the beast.

    All I can say about the 66 pushups required for a 42 yo male is I'm glad I'm a 60 yo female. HUGE difference in the requirements. LOL.

    And glad the kids are safe... since it all turned out well, it will probably be one of those beloved family tales in a few years.
    1843 days ago
  • OWL_20
    You had a great PT test! Congrats! But yeah, I might not have mentioned the buggy heading towards the marsh thing to your wife, *cringe*--excellent save! And I had to laugh at your runner friend taking the bus back home, lol. All in all kind of a nice week--kudos on the running, fantastic times and mileage!
    1843 days ago
  • LEWILL1982
    Any advice to those of us working to improve our speed other than to just keep doing it? I try to schedule a sprint/interval work out once a week. Way to go, I look forward to reading about your running times, it's inspiring. I laughed out loud at the visualization of the kids rolling backwards and off the embankment.
    1843 days ago
    I salute you as Hero Runner Dad Extraordinaire! emoticon
    ....::: emoticon on your APFT outcome - amazing numbers!
    ...:::enjoyed the story of your friend taking the bus....LOL!...quite sneaky.

    Your blogs inspire me. emoticon ` Laura

    1843 days ago
    Congrats on that very impressive 2 mile run time!! You can really run. Good for you!!
    1843 days ago
    Congratz for your PT test! Well done!!!!!
    I love your adventures with the kids, they must be really happy because they feel you get them involved in your life!

    1843 days ago
    so much fun stuff I don't even know what to comment on! Congrats on your scores. That must feel good!
    1843 days ago
    Awesome PT test! You rocked it!

    Sounds like some great running going on in your parts. Congrats!
    1843 days ago
    Wow! Awesome job! Have to admit my heart skipped a beat when detailing the buggy going off the trail. I was think of our trail here and it goies straight down to a river in most parts of the trail. Scaaary
    1843 days ago
    Awesome week
    1844 days ago
    WOW! Nice save with the stoller. SUPER DAD to the rescue!

    Congrats on the PPFT. Safe to say I am not cut out for the army.


    1844 days ago
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